It's been good, and I am definitely seeing changes and new hair growth.

I cried when she put it on. I felt so beautiful. I had a moment I was very depressed, and it made such a difference in my life to have this topper.

It was one of the best things that has ever happened to me in my life. Actually, I started crying. They are very heartfelt here. They understand exactly what you are going through.

When they did the system, and I turned around and looked in that mirror, it was an instant total 180. I didn’t even look like myself. I was very impressed and very happy with it.

I feel more confident. I am more outgoing. I am not so self-conscious about myself. I just feel like I used to feel before I lost all of my hair.

I walked in here and had a very light head of hair, and I walked out that same day with a full head of hair. I went out that night, and everyone said you look amazing.

It was a really good experience. I feel like women's hair loss needs to be more normalized and there shouldn't be any shame or stigma attached to that. I am trying to build enough confidence to tell everyone what I am doing.

This will definitely build and boost my confidence that I have never gotten to experience before.

I'm not hiding out at home anymore. I am able to go out and feel much better about myself.

It has been absolutely life-changing. I mean just in the way I don't have to wear a hat. I can go outside and not have to worry about everyone looking at me and wondering how bald I am or what I look like underneath the hat.

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