Surgical Hair Loss Treatments for Women

Mane Image, partnering with PAI Medical Group, offers superior surgical options in a private, inviting setting, earning recognition as industry leaders and staunch supporters of those battling hair loss. We prioritize natural-looking outcomes and personalized attention, establishing our reputations as trusted authorities in hair restoration.

Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments for Women

Different women have different needs and different expectations. At Mane Image, we have a variety of hair loss treatments available, and we guarantee you will leave here with a definite plan of action to get the head of hair you deserve.


Hair Loss Prevention & Regrowth

Hair loss does not have to be inevitable. Though the causes can vary, hair loss is often preventable. At the very least, its progress can be stalled and minimized. At Mane Image Hair Replacement Center, we provide a number of means by which our clients can keep their hair from thinning, and even to regrow some of what’s been lost.

Causes of Women's Hair Loss

While men’s hair loss is typically caused by genetic factors, the causes of women’s hair loss are far more numerous, and more difficult to pin down. Ultimately, though, the cause doesn’t matter as much as the solution—and there is always a solution for women’s hair loss.


Do you have questions about hair loss or about the different options available for hair restoration? To help you get answers quickly, we’ve assembled a list of frequently asked questions.

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Get a Free Consultation

Everyone's hair loss is unique; it’s critical that your hair loss solution is customized to address your specific needs. Whether you want to stop your hair loss, regrow your hair, or add volume to your existing hair, we have options for you. It all starts with a free consultation.

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