Women come to Mane Image Hair Replacement Center experiencing all different stages of hair loss. Some women have only started to lose their hair. Others have experienced significant hair loss over a long period of time. And still others are somewhere in the middle. Mane Image takes pride in having a solution to address all stages of hair loss, and in some cases the best option might be extensions or toppers.

Extensions and toppers work by adding either length or volume to hair that’s currently growing, making it a great solution for women whose hair loss is partial or patchy, or who simply cannot get the length or volume they desire. The best thing about extensions and toppers is that they are incredibly natural and lifelike—especially the ones we offer here at Mane Image, which are all made with 100 percent real human hair and are custom-fitted to each client!


UltraTress allows women the kind of custom hair extensions that empower them to get any look they want. These undetectable extensions cover the whole range of colors and textures to blend in perfectly with existing hair. They are also environmentally friendly and are never tested on animals, providing a true natural hair care. UltraTress can add significant density to thinning hair, and different attachment methods give our clients plenty of flexibility to wear these comfortably. UltraTress is another great way to embolden your current style and to mask the effects of hair loss, all while attaining a look that’s beautiful, natural, and stylish.

Micro Point Solutions by Cyberhair

Instantly add volume and length to your hair with extensions and toppers. Mane Image Hair Replacement Center offers Micro Point Solutions by Cyberhair, the leader in extensions and toppers. Using an innovative process, each piece is made to be featherlight with the look and feel of natural human hair. It is stronger than human hair, has the same moisture content, and has impressive style memory. Feel free to be as active as you want, even water sports, and know your extensions fit in seamlessly with your natural hair and always look great. Micro Point Solutions can be applied in places where no other extensions can. You can even add color and highlights, making them highly customizable. Fall in love with your extensions every time you look in the mirror.

Micro Point is unlike any other extension on the market, using Cyberhair to go where no other hair extension has gone before. This is an ideal solution for clients experiencing hair thinning whose natural hair is fine or weak and brittle. Glues and solvents are not used in its application which is perfect for delicate hair types. Live life without limitations! Our dedicated hair specialists will walk you through every step of the process.