I chose Mane Image basically because I saw an ad on a billboard, and then I looked online and saw before and after photos. I have the same issue on the top of my head as I saw in the other photos, and I saw the results that I could possibly achieve either non-surgically or surgically.

I can curl it, wash it, do everything that I want like I would with my regular hair.

When you leave here, you look and feel like a new person. It’s made me a lot more of an open person. I feel more confident about myself. I am glad that I got started here.

This has brightened up who I was; it's brought her back a little bit. It has given me so much more confidence, which has led to more energy, which has led to more abilities to do the daily deeds that you need to do.

I always had beautiful hair, and when the hair began to get thin, I just couldn't deal with it. [...] I wanted to do something that was permanent, and so therefore I came to Mane Image to find something that would work for me. The care that you get, the hair care, the maintenance, everything is in one place. You don't have to go from one place to another to get what you need. I wouldn't go any place else.

The spot where I always tried to hide— there's hair there now. It looks natural because it is.

I just remember when I had it done that the first day, it was just like a big shock. It was such a big difference and it looked to me, it looked so natural, and even my wife... we just couldn't believe it.

I've tried several different types of hair extensions, several different types of, you know, hair growth methods, and none of them really worked, and that's what led me to Mane Image. Everything they do is really custom to what you want; it wasn't just a one-size-fits-all.

I came here about 14 years ago; I think that says it all. They do a good job. In fact, I think they’re the best.

It changes you. It's amazing how hair makes you so much more confident.

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