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Causes of Women's Hair Loss

For many women, it’s natural to think a lot about hair—how to style it, how to color it, how to wear it in a way that makes you feel confident and sexy. Something you may never think about is losing it. That’s because, in our culture, the very topic of women’s hair loss remains a big taboo. We joke about men going bald, and accept male hair loss as natural and normal, but women’s hair loss is just not something we talk about. Yet, it’s very real—and in fact, more than 30 million women struggle with the emotional scar of hair loss in the United States alone.

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Solutions for Hair Loss

Actually experiencing hair loss may be deeply emotional—but our message for women is simply this: There is always a solution. There is always a way to combat hair loss. There are always options available for hair replacement—whether through PRP injection therapy, trichological scalp treatment plan, hair restoration system, laser hair treatment, a wig, or even surgery.

The first step is finding the solution that makes the most sense for you, something we are thrilled to assist with here at Mane Image. We are Northwest Indiana’s source for hair replacement, and since 1987 we have built a reputation for offering compassionate, clinically advanced methodologies to our clients, men and women alike. Learn more about these methodologies by coming into the Mane Image studio for a consultation.

Reasons for Women’s Hair Loss

Your consultation will include a trichological evaluation, where we will try to determine the cause of your thinning hair. While the majority of male hair loss cases are caused by genetics, women’s hair loss has a wider range of potential causes, though hereditary issues can certainly play a part.


One thing to consider is hormones. In many instances, women’s hair loss can be linked directly to hormonal conditions. In fact, any hormonal irregularity can contribute to hair loss, be it menopause, pregnancy, a thyroid problem, or a condition such as PCOS. Ultimately, any issue that impacts the endocrine system can play a role in hair loss.


Nonendocrine factors can also contribute to female hair loss. This includes a wide range of medical conditions, such as Lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, kidney failure, yeast infections, and cancer. Medical treatments can also factor into hair loss, including, most notably, chemotherapy and radiation, but also other medications and treatments. Additionally, anything that taxes the body can ultimately contribute to hair loss; think weight loss or weight gain, surgery, an extended period of illness or fevers, and in some cases even trauma and stress.


Some women may suffer from a condition known as alopecia areata. The identifying symptom of this is hair loss in clumps, leaving bald patches around the head. While this condition usually passes on its own, and all hair is regrown within a year, in some cases the hair loss can be permanent. This condition can come on suddenly, even for those who are otherwise perfectly healthy.


Another potential cause of hair loss is trichotillomania, an illness that causes the individual to pull out or chew her own hair. This is a nervous condition that typically begins as a response to some kind of trauma. That it can do long-term damage to hair and to the scalp goes without saying, and the condition is ultimately more common than you might think. Many of our clients suffer with this issue.

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