CRLAB's hair prosthetic system is second-to-none, being the best surgical hair loss alternative available on the market today. It has already changed the lives of thousands of men and counting. Mane Image Hair Replacement Center is proud to offer CRLAB's custom hair system as a part of its full line of hair restoration solutions. Every custom-made hair prosthetic system is produced in Italy and is the result of continuous innovative research. Have confidence knowing each hair system is made using a patented process and is ethically produced and certified according to high ISO quality, environmental, and worker safety standards. CRLAB's hair replacement system is one you will feel confident wearing and proud of, thanks to CRLAB's high ethical standards. CRLAB is dedicated to helping you live a more fulfilled life with the head of hair you dream of and deserve. Keep reading to learn more about CRLAB's process.

CNC Hair System by CRLAB

The CNC hair system by CRLAB is carefully designed to allow men of every age to enjoy a full head of hair without worry. Best of all, it is a non-invasive solution with absolutely no downtime. You will not have to undergo the inconvenience of surgery or recovery, nor will you need to shave your remaining hair. The hair system integrates seamlessly with your existing hair, allowing you to enjoy your natural hair for as long as possible. You can enjoy the best of both worlds!

The meticulous process involves 39 steps that precisely integrate virgin human hair into the areas where you are experiencing hair loss and thinning. It is then styled, colored, and cut to match your hair. The results are so stunningly natural that even you may forget it's not your real hair. CRLAB's hair prosthetic system provides life-changing results for those suffering from any form of permanent or temporary hair loss, including male pattern baldness, hair loss trauma, alopecia, and scarring. CRLAB's hair system is perfect for even the most complex hair loss situations. Each hair system is made with the highest quality, medical-grade materials.