Why Choose a Custom Hair System?

Custom hair systems are ideal for women who want a non-invasive hair loss solution with permanent results. Every piece is custom-made for your specific needs and can even be integrated into your existing hair. So, there is no need to shave your existing hair if you do not want to.

A perfect fit ensures that once you put it on, it will be so comfortable you will forget you're wearing it.

The Custom Hair System Process

The process begins with a one-on-one consultation to determine your exact needs and wishes. During this meeting, we’ll take precise scalp measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

A breathable membrane serves as the pseudo-scalp of your custom system and is made of medical-grade skin-thin material. This material has tiny pores that act as anchor points for the new hair. Free of dyes or chemicals, 100 percent human hair is carefully inserted into the membrane.

You can then choose any color, cut, and style you like. Stick with your natural look or go for something new and bold!

Lifestyle & Maintenance

Feel free to live your life without limitations with a custom hair system. Engage in your favorite activities, such as running, tennis, and even swimming. It is safe to participate in water sports with a hair system. Properly caring for your system, as your certified stylist recommends, allows you to confidently enjoy all of your favorite activities and maybe even find some new ones!

Maintaining your hair system is as easy, if not easier, than caring for your natural hair. Easily wash, clean, and style it just as you would your real hair. Make an appointment with your stylist once a month or as recommended. Your hair system will be cleaned, reattached to the scalp, and then restyled. If you want to change things up with your look, go for it! Your stylist will provide clear instructions on how to best care for your system in between appointments.