Wigs for women have long since been a go-to for women experiencing hair loss. Their simplicity and versatility make them an ideal solution for women experiencing temporary and permanent hair loss. Custom wigs may be right for you if you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, experiencing female pattern baldness, and everything in between. Mane Image Hair Replacement Center offers the highest quality hair pieces for women.

One main advantage of wigs for women is that they come in every color and style imaginable. The sky is the limit. Choose a wig close to your natural hair or a bold new look. Have fun with wigs. They allow women an amazing opportunity to express their personalities and show the world who they are. Why not have a few different styles to choose from? Now is your chance to have hair the exact color, length, and texture you have always dreamed of.

We offer both synthetic and natural human hair wigs. The choice comes down to your preference. Whether it is for hair loss or simply fashion, our team looks forward to transforming your life with a custom wig. See for yourself how a wig from Mane Image can enhance your life.

The Custom Wig Process

Here’s what you need to know. Everything starts with a custom fitting, to ensure your new wig is secure and comfortable. During your fitting, we’ll help you find the color, style, and look you desire while customizing each wig for your individual needs. We rely on only the finest brands of wigs, and we ensure that everything sold in our studio looks completely natural. In fact, we only provide wigs custom made with real human hair. Clients will also receive all the help they need with wig maintenance.

Find the Right Wig for You

Mane Image boasts a friendly, professional staff, eager to share in our knowledge of wigs and other hair restoration solutions. Whether you are looking for a temporary fix or something more lasting, we know we have a solution for you. Learn more by contacting Mane Image Hair Replacement Center and requesting a consultation.