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men's hair loss causes

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men's hair loss causes

Men’s hair loss can stem from any number of causes, and of course the most common by far is the hereditary cause, androgenetic alopecia—what is often known as male pattern baldness. This accounts for as many as 95 percent of all male hair loss cases, yet there are also instances of men’s hair loss caused by external factors—malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies, medical treatments, radiation, trichotillomania, weight loss surgeries, and chemotherapy. Conditions of the scalp can also contribute to thinning hair. Ultimately, though, the condition isn’t as important as the solution, and there is always a solution available to treat male hair loss.

men's hair loss treatments


At Mane Image, we take an individualized approach to what we do; before choosing a treatment, we will conduct a thorough scalp evaluation, and talk through some different options to address hair restoration. For men who want their own growing hair and are just beginning to thin, Hair Follicle Analysis might be a good choice. For the man who is already seeing some scalp, the best option might be surgical FUE hair transplants. Our surgeon can perform hair transplants on site for the men who choose to go this route. Non-surgical treatments for hair restoration are also available, and that includes top-of-the-line products like the CNC custom hair prosthesis, for which we are a licensed provider. Each CNC is a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted hair system designed in Italy using 3D imaging. All hair loss can be treated; the first step is simply coming by for a complimentary consultation.

hair loss prevention & regrowth


Hair loss does not have to be inevitable. Though the causes can vary, hair loss is often preventable. At the very least, its progress can be stalled and minimized. At Mane Image Hair Restoration Clinic, we provide a number of means by which our clients can keep their hair from thinning, and even to regrow some of what’s been lost. Those who come to us in the earliest stages of hair loss may find that these solutions are all they require; even those who come to us for other hair replacement procedures may embrace these options for safeguarding their hair and keeping any potential, future hair loss at bay.

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Getting your hair back is within your budget. At Mane Image, our primary mission is to deliver the best and most comprehensive care available. An important part of that mission is making the cost as easy and manageable for our patients as possible, by offering many options for payment.