With this it truly feels like it's mine. It feels like this is my hair. I'm able to have some of my hair out that I do have in the back, and it just feels so natural. I feel normal. I don't feel like I have hair loss.

When I first came in, I started with just general wigs, hairpieces... and I have done that for over 20 years. Just recently I integrated to a full piece, and I absolutely love it.

I think the experience, the quality, the customer service — it's worth every mile that I drive. The way that you are made to feel, it's amazing.

When it came in a couple weeks later, I was so impressed. I just couldn't believe how easy it was to put in, how easy it was to take care of, to curl, to everything.

It changed my life. I can't even explain the difference. Everybody doesn't realize what I've done actually. They just know that something good is done. I get compliments everyday, and I feel so much better.

I couldn't believe it. I was in tears, and it made such a difference to me. I can't even say what it's done for me and my confidence.

My friend referred me. I now feel comfortable and have complete confidence.

The IPL made a big difference in my face. I would definitely recommend it.

My wife saw an advertisement for Mane Image and I came in. Sharon was great! Don't second guess yourself. Their product is what keeps me coming back. Everyone is helpful and friendly. I am greatly satisfied.

Leslie is great at what she does. Her professionalism and dedication is beyond compare and, best of all, she is a caring and kind person. I would recommend her to anyone who is experiencing hair loss of any type.

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