How Does Multi-Unit Hair Grafting (MUHG) Work?

MUHG is a hair transplant technique that is known for doubling the density compared to other hair transplant procedures. In fact, a single session can yield anywhere from 7,000 to 9,000 hairs. Here's how the MUHG procedure works.

Initial Consultation

First, you will meet with our certified hair transplant surgeon in an initial meeting. This will be the time that you discuss topics such as your family history, medical history, and goals and expectations regarding restoring your full head of hair. The hair transplant surgeon will make careful notes and ask additional questions as needed in order to achieve a comprehensive understanding of your hair loss.

Pre-Surgical Measurements

During this phase of the procedure, the hair transplant surgeon will take precise measurements of the area of hair loss. He will also examine the donor area to determine how much viable hair can potentially be harvested. A custom plan will be developed based on your goals, preferences, and unique situation. During this process, your hair transplant team will ask for your input and obtain your approval for the plan moving forward.

Donor Area Preparation

On the day of the MUHG procedure, the donor area will be prepared for harvesting the donor hair. First, a thin area of hair around the border of the donor area will be shaven in order to keep the donor area sanitary. Before the harvesting of the donor hair, you will be given a mild anesthesia so that you do not feel any pain and are comfortable during the harvesting process.

Harvesting Donor Hair

To harvest the donor hair, a pre-determined section of tissue, which contains the donor hairs and follicles, is removed. This will leave an open area that will be expertly sutured together. The good news is that scarring is minimal, and in most cases, the suture site will be hidden beneath your existing hair.

hair graft groups


Follicle Preparation

Once harvested, the donor hairs are carefully examined under a microscope. Viable single hairs, follicular units, and multiple follicular units are separated from the donor tissues. They are then counted and organized in preparation for placement.

Creating Recipient Sites

Based on the donor hair harvested, your hair transplant surgeon carefully and expertly creates recipient sites. Meticulous attention is given to creating just the right angle to provide a natural look and feel.

Hair Placement

Your hair transplant surgical team will carefully insert each individual hair graft in designated areas. Post-procedure, the surgeon will examine follicle placement and then prepare you to go home with post-op instructions.

The entire procedure typically takes anywhere from 3-5 hours, and then it is time to sit back, relax, and watch your hair grow. MUHG is a popular hair transplant technique because it increases density without sacrificing a natural look and feel.

Are You Ready to Learn More About MUHG?

There is no time like the present to face your hair loss head-on and get the results you've been dreaming of. MUHG, developed by PAI, is a world-class hair transplant procedure that provides exceptional density and coverage. Mane Image and PAI Medical Group have teamed up to offer exceptional hair loss solutions and proudly serve Merrillville, Naperville, Chicago, and South Bend. Don't live in any of these areas? That's okay! Your travel costs can be fully covered. Don't waste another minute! Contact us today for more information and to schedule your free consultation.