I am a cancer survivor, and I was very glad to get hair back! Life changing… it really is life changing!

I felt so much more confident! I don't feel like someone is looking at the thin spot on my hair. It's amazing!

It's been amazing! Leslie is absolutely amazing. She makes you feel comfortable and confident about the decisions you are making. It's been wonderful!

We came, we met with Leslie and I was immediately comfortable and just felt like I knew there were some solutions here for me.

I just feel more confident. I mean there is no way I would even go out of the house if I did not have a system. I just would not ever let myself be seen, and so just to be able to do that and you know to feel good about my appearance.

It really did change my life as far as confidence. Especially in the position I was in, I just felt more comfortable, more confident, and I’ve enjoyed it.

People here are awesome. The girls here take care of every single person, and it's like you're the only person in the world. There's a lot of hands-on, very creative, lots of talent here. The girls here are amazing; they're wonderful, and Leslie has been doing this for so long. She knows what to do in every single situation.

My first experience with them, when I came in... within an hour and a half, I had a full rack of hair. Everybody was friendly, and Leslie was really hospitable.

I came here, and I love it. I have no regrets. I recommended it to three other members of my family.

I started losing some of my hair in the very front. The older I got, the thinner it got. I knew I had to do something. It’s been the best thing that I ever did.

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