The topical thickening and regrowth products that we offer here at Mane Image are all proven to be safe and effective. They are products we recommend to our clients without hesitation; in fact, our stylists have used these products themselves and can vouch for the results!

When to Use Topical Thickening/Hair Regrowth Products

Often, we recommend topical thickening and regrowth products for men and women who have had laser hair restoration or other treatments performed. The right product can augment these treatments and enhance the end result. In other cases, especially for those in the earliest stages of hair loss, topical solutions may be used entirely on their own.

As for which product is right for you, that’s something we’d love to discuss with you further, and we invite men and women alike to join us in our studio for a consultation, where we’ll be able to talk through each of these options and make some recommendations.