With over 30 centers throughout Italy and more than 120 centers in 26 countries, it is safe to say that CRLAB strives to improve the lives of those experiencing hair loss in every corner of the world.

Hair says so much about a person. How it is cut, styled, and colored reveals their personality, and even their culture. CRLAB believes everyone should have a head of hair they are in love with. This is why they are solely devoted to developing the most effective solutions to help you have hair you are proud to show off.

From trichology to hair transplant surgery, CRLAB has something for everyone. Their most popular offering is the CNC hair prosthetic system, which gives women a non-surgical hair transplant alternative. This cutting-edge hair system makes CRLAB highly sought after worldwide, and for good reason.

CNC Hair System by CRLAB

For a completely natural look without invasive surgical procedures, CRLAB offers the CNC hair prosthetic system. Whether you are experiencing thinning or complete hair loss due to alopecia, hormones, pregnancy, chemotherapy, etc., CNC provides a non-invasive solution that will not cost you any downtime. This cutting-edge hair restoration system can be seamlessly integrated with your existing hair, so you get to keep your natural hair for as long as possible.

CRLAB's hair prosthetic system uses precision mapping to only fill in the areas that are thin or balding. Neither you nor anyone else will be able to tell where your natural hair ends, and the hair system begins, giving you the confidence to enjoy all of your favorite activities without fear.

Our 39-step process ensures every detail is attended to. Not only will the prosthetic base be an exact replica of your scalp, but your scalp color will be matched precisely to ensure a natural look. Your natural hair is then perfectly matched – unless you want a bold new look - using virgin hair that has not been processed with chemicals or dyes. The final step is a personal fitting to ensure a perfect fit by making necessary adjustments. You will be enjoying a full head of hair in no time at all!