Men's Hair Restoration Systems: Here's What You Need to Know

Research shows that about two-thirds of men experience some hair loss by age 35. And by age 50, nearly 85 percent of men will experience some degree of noticeable hair loss.

With most men eventually having to deal with hair loss issues at some point during their life, it's no wonder many seek treatment options that provide natural, long-lasting results. While many men fear that once they start losing hair, it's never coming back, and there's nothing they can do.

Fortunately, with recent advancements in hair restoration systems, men have more options available to restore their hair than ever. As a result, many men have found that a hair restoration system is the perfect solution for dealing with hair loss and regaining the fullness and length they desire.

What Is a Hair Replacement System and How Do They Work?

A hair replacement system is a non-surgical hair loss solution that seamlessly blends synthetic hair with your existing hair. Hair replacement systems are an increasingly popular solution that is ideal for many types of hair loss, including male pattern baldness.

Every hair replacement system is custom designed to meet your specific wants, desires, and needs. Hair replacement systems start with an ultra-thin, skin-like membrane that is created to fit your scalp perfectly. Once the membrane is designed and crafted, synthetic or natural strands of hair are inserted into the membrane to precisely match your natural hair or create the style you want.

The wide variety of hair types available, combined with skill and expertise, ensures that your hair replacement seamlessly integrates with your natural hair. A hair replacement system can be crafted to match not only the color and texture of your natural hair but also the grain or natural growing direction of your hair.

What Are the Benefits of a Hair Replacement System?

While several types of hair replacement systems are available, each one is custom-designed to meet your specific needs. A hair replacement system can add volume and thickness to your thinning hair or be designed to conceal a bald or patchy area. Whatever your hair restoration goal is, a hair replacement system offers several benefits, including:

  • Seamlessly blends with your existing natural hair
  • Non-invasive hair loss solution
  • Choose from any color, texture, length, and style of hair

In addition, a hair restoration system is simple to maintain. It looks natural and provides you with the freedom to live your life. Your hair replacement system is indistinguishable from your natural hair and requires the same care. A custom hair replacement system is easy to maintain and can be designed to match your active lifestyle, even if that includes regular exercise.

Hair Restoration Systems From Mane Image

A hair restoration system can provide men with the full, healthy head of hair they long for, providing total coverage with ideal volume and length. The results look natural and seamless and can support any lifestyle, no matter how active. In addition, a hair restoration system can provide natural-looking results for men who have experienced any type or degree of hair loss.

At Mane Image, we take pride in offering our clients the highest quality hair replacement systems available. Our Hair restoration systems provide a natural-looking, long-lasting, non-invasive hair loss solution. Our team of skilled experts can help you find the hair loss solution you have been looking for. Contact us today and schedule your FREE initial consultation to learn more about hair replacement systems and how they can help you regain your thick luscious locks.