CRLAB - The Ultimate Hair Restoration System

Choosing the best hair loss solution that fits your needs can take time, effort, and the guidance of a professional hair loss specialist. At Mane Image Hair Replacement Center, we've been helping men and women find the best solution for their condition since 1987. Clients often ask which hair restoration system offers the best quality. While every individual and their hair loss condition is different, we consider the hair restoration system offered by CRLAB, formerly known as Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories, to be the ultimate hair restoration system.

The CRLAB Hair Restoration System Difference

Based in Bologna, Italy, CRLAB has invested over 50 years of research and development in their innovative and world-renowned CNC hair restoration system. The CRLAB hair restoration system utilizes CNC technology to create a medical-grade prosthetic that perfectly matches the unique characteristics of your scalp.

The membrane used by CRLAB uses a unique medical-grade polymer resin that provides unparalleled comfort and stability. CRLAB's patented membrane is breathable for additional comfort and holds strong anti-bacterial properties. The advanced process and materials used in the CRLAB hair restoration system ensure that it is comfortable and stays in place regardless of temperature, humidity, or your active lifestyle.

After taking precise scalp measurements to ensure a perfect fit, the custom membrane is created. Once created, 100% unprocessed virgin hair, with characteristics similar to your natural hair, is individually injected into the membrane by hand. The CRLAB hair replacement system achieves incredible results through the meticulous work of skilled artisans, using the most advanced technology combined with the highest quality hair and materials available.

While mechanical processes may be less expensive and time consuming, this method enables us to precisely distribute hair where needed. This technique also ensures that your hair restoration system matches the movement and direction of your natural hair growth. CRLABs attention to every detail ensures that your hair replacement system perfectly matches your natural hair color, thickness, and texture.

CRLAB’s hair restoration system is fully customized to ensure a comfortable and precise fit. It can be designed to provide full coverage for people dealing with total and near-total hair loss or for restoring small areas or patches of hair loss. The high quality and versatility of the CRLAB hair restoration system make it the ultimate hair loss solution for both men and women.

Hair Restoration Systems From Mane Image

At Mane Image, our professional hair specialists are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality, proven hair loss solutions. While every hair loss condition is unique, and no single solution is perfect for everyone, the CRLAB hair restoration system is the ideal solution for people dealing with partial or total hair loss.

The CRLAB hair restoration system is a completely customized, cutting-edge product that has significantly changed the lives of thousands of people. Custom crafted using advanced CNC technology, a breathable FDA-approved ultra-thin membrane, and the highest quality human hair available, the CRLAB hair restoration system looks, feels, and acts like your natural hair.

If you're experiencing hair loss of any type, then this personalized solution can help. The CRLAB hair restoration system is so natural looking that it is undetectable. In addition, the CRLAB hair restoration system gives you the confidence to maintain an active lifestyle without worrying about your hair. The ultra-thin membrane is comfortable and stays securely in place whether you are playing sports, swimming, sleeping, wearing a motorcycle helmet, or enjoying any other activity.

At Mane Image, we are proud to offer our clients the most advanced non-surgical hair replacement option available. Contact us today and schedule your FREE initial consultation to learn more about the CRLAB hair replacement system and how we can help you with your hair loss condition.