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Surgical Hair Restoration for Women

Thinning hair can be disappointing, frustrating, frightening—in fact, it can be downright devastating. Regardless of the underlying cause, women’s hair loss is always an emotional experience. It does not have to be a permanent one, however. There are ways to restore a full, healthy head of hair and a natural hairline. Since 1987, Mane Image Hair Restoration Clinic has provided women with methods for doing exactly that.

The first step toward hair replacement is simply to visit the Mane Image clinic in Merrillville, Indiana. We are the only hair restoration center of our kind in the area, and our 6100 sq. ft. facility is made to be warm, welcoming, and accommodating. Our staff, likewise, will impress you with friendliness and professionalism. If it’s your first visit with Mane Image, we’ll do a private evaluation, on the house.

The goal of this evaluation will be to determine which hair loss solution best fits your needs. In some cases, we may recommend surgical solutions, which can offer some incredibly natural-looking and long-lasting effects with regard to hair replacement. Hair transplantation procedures have grown by leaps and bounds, and our team can offer the best, safest, and most effective solutions.


Another approach is Follicular Unit Extraction, FUE. Here, grafts or hair follicles are taken individually from the donor site (back or side of the head). This process allows the surgeon to cherry pick only the healthiest hairs that are producing multiple hair follicles. No incisions are made to get these grafts; just small punches that heal on their own in 4-7 days. Once implanted into the hair loss areas, the transplanted hair will grow, and is typically not affected by whatever caused hair loss in the first place.

The Mane Image team will approach this procedure with true artistry, transplanting hairs the way the hair naturally grows to ensure a totally realistic appearance. For women looking for extremely natural results, but who maybe don’t have a clear, visible donor site, FUE can be an excellent option.

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One option we provide through our in-house surgeon is Follicular Unit Grafting (FUG), or Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). This is a popular method of hair replacement because it allows the client to keep her existing, growing hair while augmenting it with new fullness and thickness—ultimately restoring a completely natural hairline. The patient is under a local anesthetic during this process, and a strip of hair is removed from the back or side of the scalp. This will leave a linear incision requiring sutures and will take 7-14 days healing time.

Our surgeon will then extract individual hair grafts from this strip and implant them into tiny incisions made in the area of hair loss, where they will continue to grow naturally. Hair at the donor site will also grow back all on its own. Topical trichology treatments and laser stimulation can be used to expedite the hair growing process.

For women faced with hair loss—especially hair loss due to hereditary causes—this can be a powerful way to restore your hair to its rightful fullness!

Facial Hair Transplants

Hair loss doesn’t only occur on the scalp. In some instances, hair loss happens on the face—and on the eyebrows, in particular. Fortunately, there are hair replacement methods that work here, too. Individual hair follicles can be harvested from a donor site and transplanted to the eyebrows, helping women to regain a beautiful, natural look. Generally speaking, these transplanted hair grafts will not be affected by the condition that caused the hair loss in the first place.

For women whose hair loss stems from trauma, surgery, or sickness, in particular, this can be a great option for regaining your natural eyebrows.

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At Mane Image, we understand everyone experiences hair loss differently. It's important that your hair loss solutions are customized to address your specific situation. This is why we offer a variety of different solutions to our clients. Our experienced and knowledgeable hair restoration specialists will conduct a hair and scalp exam and present you with what solutions will work best for you and your hair loss. Contact us today for your FREE consultation in Merrillville, IN.



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