The Best Habits for Healthy Skin

There are plenty of ways to develop smooth, healthy skin—and not all of them involve frequent spa days or lots of expensive skincare products, either. There are daily habits you can form that will help you keep your skin looking and feeling its best; allow us to reveal just a few of them!

How to Ensure Healthy Skin

Get at least seven or eight hours of sleep every night. 

You know the old phrase about getting your beauty sleep? Well, it’s not just an expression. Sleep actually does help you to maintain healthy-looking skin, and if you’re not sleeping well, you can expect your skin to look haggard—as in, bags under your eyes and all the rest.

Wash your face before bed.

Your skin will pick up plenty of little particles and pollutants over the course of the day, and that can diminish your skin’s health if you don’t make an effort to scrub it all away before you hit the sack.

Get your exercise, too.

At least 30 minutes of physical activity every day can do wonders for your body—and that includes your skin. In fact, exercise can help reverse the effects of aging, and keep your skin looking younger for longer.

Take time to de-stress.

Stress takes a physical toll on the body, leading to a surge of hormones that can cause your skin to break down. As such, it’s vital to handle stress effectively. Make sure you set aside time each day for yoga, a relaxing bath, or just sitting with a good book.

Protect your skin from the sun.

Whenever you’re out in the sun for any kind of time—whether it’s for a full day at the beach or just half an hour in your garden—make sure you apply sunscreen and/or wear a good hat. The sun's affect on your skin really does take its toll, and protecting yourself will keep your skin in optimal condition.

Moisturize daily.

Not all skincare products are what they’re cracked up to be, but we do recommend that you use moisturizers daily. For that matter, it’s not a bad idea to sleep with a humidifier or vaporizer in your bedroom, which will add some serious moisture to the environment and keep your skin hydrated.

Be gentle with your skin.

Yes, it is possible to overwork it, so make sure you’re not scrubbing your skin raw all the time. Exfoliating is fine, but it’s something we’d only recommend you do on a weekly basis.