How to Support a Loved One Through Hair Loss

We've all been in situations where we want to help but we don't know what to do or say. Doing nothing, however, is rarely the best option. If someone in your life is expecting medical hair loss or shared with you that they've been dealing with hair loss for a long time, it's an opportunity for you to step up and be a valuable asset.

Let them lead. Letting someone know quickly and gently that you're there for them can be incredibly comforting. However, hair loss brings feeling of vulnerability and unwanted change. State your support, don't withdraw it, and stay positive. If she needs you, you'll get there.

Be available. Acknowledge that your friend is going through something difficult, and he or she might need more resources than usual. Be flexible. Answer their calls. Say yes if you get asked to go to the wig studio. These things are scary, and going through them with a trusted confidant by your side can make all the difference in the world.

Find a community. Going through hair loss related to chemo or any other cause can leave you feeling isolated and misunderstood. Helping your loved one find someone who understands what he's going through might make everything a little bit easier. It can be online, at your church, or at a studio like ours. People with shared experiences can offer each other advice and reduce the fear of the unknown.

Create a safe space. Don't give conditional support. If you were losing your hair, you'd probably have some moments when you felt like you wanted to just snap. Let her freak out. Hit some golf balls. Stay away from political conversations and topics that could get you into a debate. Make sure your friend feels like she can talk to you, and if she tells you something is wrong, try to come to a positive resolution.

Leave room for their emotions. Don't try to change the person's feelings. Hair loss brings on an unbelievable array of emotions. Stay calm, respect the feelings that he or she is genuinely experiencing, and provide stability. Your job isn't to cheer them up, it's to stand with them in whatever state they're going through.

Support their decisions. You're not necessarily here to agree. So if after months of trying on wigs and studying scalp care your friend decides to go beautifully bald for a while, that's okay. You can bring up other possibilities and things she hasn't mentioned, but don't become yet another barrier to her feeling good about the way she looks.

Welcome distraction. Just because hair loss is happening, it doesn't mean you have to talk about it all the time. Maybe your loved one just wanted someone to know and will never talk about it again. Maybe she had enough crying last week and just wants new shoes this week. Go with the flow, don't leave her hanging, and the world will keep spinning.

We're here to support you.

Mane Image delivers a whole range of options for every type of hair replacement and enhancement. But if we had to define our role in the community, it would be to provide outstanding resources to men, women, and children facing hair loss. We want to help you understand what's happening, why it's happening, and your unique options for taking action. This shouldn't be about surprises. If you or a loved one could benefit from a better understanding of hair loss, visit our studio for a free consultation or watch for one of our free hair-loss seminars in your area.