Follicle Analysis vs. Polar Light Analysis

Hair loss has always been a concern for men and women. Our knowledge and understanding of how the hair follicles produce hair have continually increased over the years. While more effective solutions are available today than ever, an early and accurate diagnosis is essential to finding the best solution for treating and reversing hair loss disorders.

The use of precision instruments and software, including enhanced analog and digital imaging devices, has led to highly effective treatment options and solutions for hair loss conditions. Two processes resulting from research combined with advanced technology are Follicle Analysis and Polar Light Analysis.

What Is Hair Follicle Analysis?

Hair Follicle Analysis technology is a state-of-the-art, minimally invasive technique for combating hair loss. While not actual hormones, human growth factors mimic the effects of Human Growth Hormones.

Like hormones, human growth factors are proteins that bind to cell receptors signaling them to divide, heal, grow, or perform certain functions. These growth factors, which occur naturally within the body, help rebuild tissue and heal your body after an accident or injury.

The Hair Follicle Analysis process uses human growth factors to stimulate new hair growth. Human growth factors are applied directly to the scalp, targeting areas where the hair follicles have grown dormant. The process revitalizes and heals damaged hair follicles, enabling them to produce healthy hair while slowing and even reversing the hair loss process.

Hair Follicle Analysis is a natural treatment option for hair loss that is ideal for men and women who wish to restore their natural hair. The safe, effective, non-surgical procedure is performed in-office with minimal discomfort, and you can return to your normal activities almost immediately.

What Is a Polar Light Analysis?

Hair has been used as an indicator of overall health for many years. Hair analysis has enabled the identification of the interrelationships between minerals, vitamins, the neuro-endocrine system, and the health of your hair. While hair analysis is a simple and non-invasive process, because elements are stored in the hair at high levels, it provides a wealth of information.

Polar Light Analysis is an innovative new method of hair analysis. The process is simple and fast and provides highly detailed results without needing the sophisticated and complex instruments or procedures typically used in most precise methodologies today.

The method uses advanced technology and software to enhance the contrast of an image. A polarized light microscope is used to view and analyze optical properties, such as refraction and absorption, from images of an individual strand of hair. Polar Light Analysis provides a simple and effective way of precisely reading the intracellular content in the hair.

Polar Light Analysis is a simple, fast, and economical process that enables the detection of organic, thermo-labile compounds with precision unmatched by other methods. With a single analysis, the methodology can determine with high precision a wide range of substances, including minerals and compounds such as vitamins, amino acids, and hormones. As a result, polar Light Analysis can be used in many applications and is a powerful tool for determining the exact cause and appropriate treatment for hair loss conditions.

State-Of-The-Art Hair Loss Solutions

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