Best Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

Fine, thin hair is one of the most difficult hair types to style. Finding a hairstyle that gives the appearance of a thick, full head of hair can be challenging for many women. Out of frustration, some women resort to drastic measures, such as taking hair growth supplements, chopping off some length, or investing in hair extensions.

Some people have naturally thin hair, while others find it becomes more sparse and thinner over time. If you have noticed that your hair is getting thinner and you're having trouble styling it, help is here! Keep reading to discover what might be causing your thinning hair and a few hairstyles ideal for thin hair.

What Causes Thinning Hair

While some people are born with thin hair, if you've noticed that your hair has become thinner over time, there may be a reason. If your hair isn't naturally thin, some of the possible causes of thinning hair may be:

Over-Treating Your Hair

Perms, relaxers, dyeing, and other chemical hair treatments can take a toll on your hair. Applying harsh chemical treatments to your hair several times a year can lead to breakage and thinning hair. To avoid damaging your hair, limit the frequency and number of treatments you do, and take extra good care of your hair between treatments to limit possible damage.

Tight Hairstyles

Ponytails, braids, and other tight hairstyles may look great, but they can damage your hair and hair follicles when worn too often. Putting that much tension on your hair and scalp can stretch and break strands of hair, and the constant tugging at the root can damage the hair follicles and lead to thinning hair.


We all know stress is bad for our health, but it can also lead to thinning hair. Chronic stress raises your corticosterone levels, which slows the hair's natural growth cycle.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Growing a thick, full head of hair requires a range of vitamins and minerals. When your body has a nutritional deficiency, it diverts resources from non-essential functions, like hair growth, to maintain vital bodily functions. Because of this, one of the first signs of a nutritional deficiency is often thinning hair.

Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Thinning hair can be challenging, but the right hairstyle can add volume and give you a fantastic look. Here are some hairstyles that can give life to thin and flat hair.

Hidden Layers

If you're not fond of the heavily layered look, consider talking to your hairstylist about hidden layers. Hidden layers are soft and subtle, and while not completely invisible, they create a more voluminous look without giving a heavily layered style.

Long Layers

Long layers can lighten the weight of your strands without committing to a super-heavily layered style. Various lengths will flatter different face shapes, so work with your stylist to find which suits you best.

Add Volume In Front

Curtain bangs are a simple and effective way to add volume to fine hair at the front of your style. You can add even more volume by using a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated to increase volume.

Choppy Layers

Choppy layers are bold, blunt, and edgy. Short, choppy layers instantly add volume and definition to your hair.

Solutions For Thinning Hair

Once you have the right haircut, all that's left is styling. Blowdrying your hair on a low or cool temperature setting, from wet to dry, will help set your style while adding volume. Also, remember that hair products like dry shampoo and volumizing powder can quickly add volume and texture to your hair.

For many people, taking better care of their hair or changing their hairstyle will help them achieve their desired results. However, if you have tried different styles and are taking good care of your hair but are still unhappy with your look, our team of experts can help.

At Mane Image Hair Replacement Center, we offer clients a wide range of solutions designed to meet their specific needs from men and women non-surgical hair restoration systems, surgical hair restoration and more. Our team of experts can help you find the perfect solution for your thinning hair. To learn more about how we can help you get the look and style you desire, contact us today and schedule your FREE initial consultation.