Are Your Habits Exacerbating Your Hair Loss?

Experiencing hair loss? You're not alone. Men and women around the world experience hair loss, and many overcome it. While treatments and hair loss solutions such as those offered at Mane Image are your best bet to achieving the hair of your dreams, there are certain habits that could make your hair loss worse.

That's right, your everyday routine could be impacting your hair's ability to grow. Often, a few simple behavioral adjustments can make a big difference on the journey toward healthy hair - the key is knowing which habits create these negative effects.

Lucky for you, at Mane Image we know a thing or two about hair loss, so we've compiled a list of the most likely culprits that could be impacting your hair loss.

Causes of Breakage

Breakage is a major hair problem that can lead to thinning and loss. Typically, it is not viewed with as much dismay as baldness, but weak, damaged hair caused by breakage could eventually lead to patchiness.

Breakage is most often a result of rough hair treatment. If you over-brush your hair, frequently dye or bleach it, always wear your hair tied back in tight buns or ponytails, and use excessive heat while styling, you could be damaging your hair. The secret to healthy locks is simple: less is more. The less stress you put your hair through, the stronger it will stay. 

Unhealthy Environments and Hair Growth

Hair loss is also caused by some environmental factors and poor health. Factors such as an unhealthy diet, smoking, and alcohol abuse can all exacerbate hair loss. Your hair reflects the overall health of your body so if your health is in decline due to irresponsible self-care you will likely see thinning, lifeless hair in conjunction with other health issues.

Product (Over)Use

We all love styling our hair for a big night out, but constant use (and overuse) could hurt your hair. Using too much product could result in build-up that clogs the pores around your hair follicles, eventually causing them to miniaturize and contribute to hair loss. Styling products such as gel and hair spray become embedded in your scalp over time, and are more difficult to wash out with shampoo. 

Speaking of which, over-washing your hair can become a problem too! Using harsh shampoo too often may end up washing away your hair's natural moisture, making it difficult for new hair to grow in a healthy fashion. 


Although we just covered the problems associated with over-washing, not washing your hair enough is yet another contributor to hair loss. Similar to the problem of product build-up, the natural build-up of sebum can combine with dead skin cells, harden, and clog the pores surrounding your follicles. A good rule of thumb is to wash your hair every other day if it is particularly oily, and every two days if it is dry.

The hair experts at Mane Image are here to help you take on hair loss at any stage. Whether you are just beginning to thin or have already experienced patchiness, we have a hair loss solution for you. We tailor every experience to each individual customer, offering knowledge, compassion, and discretion. With free consultations and ongoing specials, we aim to offer the best treatments at the best rates.

If you would like to learn more about the exceptional services offered at Mane Image, please contact us. Come see us for the best in hair loss solutions! We look forward to helping you reclaim your hair and your confidence.