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Women's Hair Restoration Systems

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Though many women spend a lot of time thinking about their hair—caring for it, coloring it, styling it, wearing it in different ways—most women never consider the prospect of losing it. Unfortunately, women’s hair loss is common, and can stem from a wide number of causes. The good news is that hair loss never has to be permanent. There are hair restoration techniques that can help a women restore her poise, her confidence, her youth, and her full, thick, healthy head of hair.

At Mane Image Hair Restoration Clinic, we are committed to sharing that hope with the women who come into our studio space. We want everyone to know that there are solutions for you, and that you don’t have to settle for thinning hair. In fact, some of the safest and most effective hair loss solutions are surprisingly affordable, and they do not have to be surgical or invasive.

Since 1987 we have provided only the best methods for addressing hair loss—methods we believe in, and use on ourselves. We invite women struggling with hair loss—whether early, middle, or late-stage—to visit our Merrillville, Indiana clinic for an evaluation, and to learn about some of the options that are available for non-surgical hair replacement.

CNC Hair Prosthesis by Cesare Ragazzi

The CNC system is our most popular offering—and it’s something that our founder wears herself. The brilliant hair loss experts at Cesare Ragazzi, a leading Italian laboratory, have converted many hair replacement skeptics into true believers. When you see how CNC works, you’ll understand why.

Ideal for women faced with either partial or complete hair loss, the CNC custom prosthesis provides around-the-clock hair that is comfortable and secure, and that looks completely natural. It looks natural because it is natural: We use real human hair, which has never before been chemically treated, processed, or colored. That hair, once inserted, can be styled, colored, or cut however you want it to look, either matching your current look or giving you a whole new one!

How CNC Hair Prosthesis Works

At Cesare Ragazzi’s headquarters, the base of your unique system is 3-D printed to precisely match your scalp. It’s made from a one-of-a-kind patented biomedical polymer developed just for hair restoration by Cesare Ragazzi and its university research partners. The base of your system is breathable, hypoallergenic, and perfectly matched to the color of your scalp to remain undetectable. No one will ever detect anything “unnatural” about your appearance.

When your base is ready, that virgin hair is anchored by hand into your new hair system—one strand at a time. This ensures that the cuticle is protected and your new hair falls naturally the way your growing hair does. The final step is a rigorous quality testing process to make sure your new hair will fit securely, hold its style, and be all you need it to be.

The Benefits of CNC Hair Prosthesis

The end result? A beautiful, full head of hair that is completely realistic and has a natural-looking hairline; that is comfortable to wear, lightweight, and durable even if you want to go for a swim or do some intense exercise. The only maintenance required is for you to meet with your Mane Image stylist every few weeks to have your prosthesis briefly removed, washed, get an ionizing bath (to purify the CNC), and then re-attached and styled just the way you like it.

Micro Point

Another option Mane Image provides is Micro Point. Micro point will increase the density by about 10-20%, so it is best for the beginning stages of hair loss. This differs from CNC in a few key ways, but remains an outstanding solution for women seeking to regain your head of hair.

The biggest difference is that this process doesn’t use real human hair; it uses a fibrous material known as Cyber Hair, which is made to be incredibly lightweight—and thus, incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. Individual strands of this fibrous, synthetic hair are attached to the hairs growing on your head currently; as many as four strands can be attached to each shaft of hair, and they quickly become integrated with what’s currently on your head.

The end result? A fuller head of hair, and one that looks completely natural, even as it replicates your real hairline. Again, the benefits here include hair that is comfortable, easy to maintain, and undetectable to anyone as anything other than your own, natural hair! Cyber Hair is also hypoallergenic, natural-looking even when wet, and actually stronger than human hair.

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Whichever method you ultimately choose, the process always begins with a consultation. Come talk to one of our friendly, professional stylists at Mane Image, and get a feel for the hair replacement options that are available to you. We’d love to see you in our clinic; plan your free consultation today!

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Getting your hair back is within your budget. At Mane Image, our primary mission is to deliver the best and most comprehensive care available. An important part of that mission is making the cost as easy and manageable for our patients as possible, by offering many options for payment.