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Surgical Hair Restoration for Men

Those faced with hair loss may crave a sound solution—something truly lasting. Surgical hair restoration is one of the ultimate ways to address thinning hair; thanks to advances in surgical procedures and technologies, it’s painless, efficient, and safe. What’s more, at Mane Image we can do hair transplantation procedures in-house with our own skilled surgeon, ensuring an environment that is both professional and comfortable, friendly, and welcoming.

Not all of our clients have the same hair replacement needs, and we strive to individualize our surgeries to each person. As such, we recommend coming in for a free consultation before committing to a surgery. We’ll provide a trichological examination and make some recommendations about how best to address your hair loss. We can customize a surgical solution in conjunction with other solutions to achieve the head of hair you desire. In some cases with advanced hair loss full surgical coverage is not possible, so at Mane Image you can also have a hybrid hair line—surgical hair transplants in the front section of the head with a non-surgical hair prosthesis behind. Something else to know is that hair restoration solutions are more affordable than you might think—and in fact, we have financing available for those who request it.

At Mane Image we provide a number of surgical approaches to hair loss; explore this page to learn more about each of them.


Follicular Unit Extraction, meanwhile, is a different way for the surgeon to collect hair follicles for a transplant. Rather than taking a donor strip that may lead to a linear scar, this process collects individual hairs from inconspicuous places in the donor region. These donor sites are just little punches that heal quite quickly. FUE heals in 4-7 days and no sutures are required. The new hair continues to grow naturally after the transplant, and, as with FUG, this is a good way to achieve fullness, coverage, and a totally natural-looking hairline. This is another great option for men and for women alike, especially those who don’t have a viable donor site.

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Follicular Unit Grafting (FUG), or Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), is one of the most popular ways to treat hair loss, and not without reason. FUG offers the option to move large numbers of follicular grafts in one procedure to maximize coverage. Hair is not only transplanted, but it continues to grow—which means the client can keep his or her own hair. During the actual procedure, the client is under local anesthesia while a strip of skin and hair is removed from the back or side of the head. That strip then gets separated into individual hairs that are inserted into small incisions where hair loss is present, which leads to a natural, healthy-looking head of real, growing hair. FUG heals in 7-14 days, at which time sutures are removed. Though this procedure is not for everyone, it can be ideal for those who have enough viable, growing hair for a transplant; both men and women are eligible, especially those coping with hereditary hair loss.

Facial Hair Transplants

In some cases, hair loss is experienced not on the scalp, but on the face—leading to the loss of facial hair. Facial hair transplants can restore a full, natural look to eyebrows, beards, moustaches, and sideburns. The process is much the same as with other hair transplants, as individual hairs are either taken using FUE or FUT from a donor site and transplanted to the desired area of the face, where they can continue to grow fully and naturally. Note that the healthy follicles from the donor site are not affected by the procedure, and will also continue to grow as normal. This option is most commonly recommended for men who have lost facial hair due to a medical procedure, a trauma, or a bout of illness.

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Mane Image is the premier hair restoration studio in Merrillville, IN with over 30 years of experience. We understand that everyone experiences hair loss differently. This is why we offer a variety of different solutions to fit your specific need and budget. Contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation.

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Financing Options

Getting your hair back is within your budget. At Mane Image, our primary mission is to deliver the best and most comprehensive care available. An important part of that mission is making the cost as easy and manageable for our patients as possible, by offering many options for payment.