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How Long Before My Hair Loss Treatments Begin Working?

In a perfect world, hair loss treatments would be a quick fix! Those who are experiencing the loss of their hair would go to their appointment and magically leave with a full, luscious, thick head of hair. However, as we all know, we certainly don't live in a perfect world. Those who are undergoing treatments for hair thinning or loss must be extremely patient, as the results of the treatment are not instantaneous. It is widely understood among hair loss professionals that this can be frustrating for clients.

It is important that each person understands exactly what the process of receiving hair loss treatments entails, and that they know that the results are well worth waiting for. So, for all those who are wondering, we will discuss how long it will be before hair loss treatments begin to work.

Every Client is Unique

Everyone must first keep in mind that every client is unique and everyone's situation is different. No two people will experience results in exactly the same amount of time. Remember that just because one person saw results in a couple of months, doesn't mean that a person who didn't see the same results in this time period won't see them at all! Talk to your hair loss professional about your personal needs and what you are noticing in your treatments.

Quick Results

For the fastest results, clients may want to consider extensions or toppers. You will have extensions and toppers that are perfectly matched to your natural hair color so that no one will ever know that you are wearing them. Clients use extensions and toppers for a variety of reasons, whether they are experiencing male pattern baldness, hair thinning or loss, or simply are unable to grow their hair to the desired length.

How Long Do Treatments Take to Work?

Hair treatments such as minoxidil can take several months to work. On average, users experience results in approximately ten months to one year after beginning use of the treatment. Noticeable results will usually occur after about three months of treatment and will increase from that point on. After about six months of use, you may start to notice considerably greater results, with the full effect of the treatment being seen after twelve months of use.

Who Can Benefit From Hair Loss Treatments?

Hair loss affects a great number of people, both men and women. There are many different causes, including genetics, vitamin deficiencies, poor diet, illness, extreme stress, use of certain medications, and more. Most people understand that hair loss is a sensitive subject for anyone. The best thing to do is to remember that you are certainly not alone and that there are many solutions available.

What Are My Options?

At Mane Image Hair, we have a variety of solutions for women and for men. Our easy, natural looking, and effective solutions for women include non-invasive, non-surgical hair restoration options such as hair prosthesis and Micro Point. Both are comfortable and discreet in order to meet your needs. Also, consider our hair transplant options as well as wigs or extensions. For men, we are proud to offer solutions such as surgical as well as non-surgical hair restorations.

We can help you regain your confidence and feel wonderful about yourself. Our experts take an individualized approach to hair loss for everyone's unique needs and concerns. We offer private consultations where each client feels comfortable discussing what they are looking for and the results that they wish to achieve. We will answer any questions that you may have, providing a wonderful experience for you at all times. If you are experiencing hair loss, let us help you explore your options. Contact us for a free, private consultation.

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