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Before you start standing on your head or throw all of your hats away to prevent losing locks, take a look at a few hair loss myths we get to the bottom of.

Hats Cause Baldness - FALSE
Unless worn SO tightly that circulation is cut off to hair follicles, your baseball cap or beanie will not cause hair loss.
Over-Shampooing Causes Hair Loss - FALSE
Losing some strands in the shower is normal. We all lose up to 200 hairs a day, and they are quickly replaced by new ones. Sometimes people think shampooing is the cause of the shedding, so they do it less often. This actually causes more hair to shed when the next shampoo rolls around!
Hair Loss Comes From the Mother's Side - FALSE

Baldness is hereditary, but it's not limited to the maternal side of the family. The hair loss gene can come from either side of the family.

You Can Grow Back Dead Follicles – TRUE?

There are treatments and medications to make hair follicles grow thicker, but soon there may be another option. Scientists have figured out how to turn a patient's skin cells into stem cells that can grow into new hair follicles. While this treatment is still being developed, this is encouraging news for hair loss victims as well as accident victims who undergo reconstructive surgery.

Magnets Promote Hair Growth - FALSE

Magnetic therapy is thought to increase blood flow, but unfortunately that doesn't prevent hair loss or assist in hair regeneration.

Women Are More Prone to Hair Loss – FALSE

Hair loss affects both men and women equally, but it is more noticeable in men as they are likely to develop pattern balding.

Standing on Your Head Makes Hair Grow - FALSE

Save yourself from a potentially dangerous outcome. Blood flow will increase to your head, but just as with magnetic therapy, it won't help with hair regeneration.

There's No Cure for Baldness - TRUE

While there is no actual cure for balding, there are many treatments for both male & female hair loss at Mane Image Hair Replacement Center. Mane Image offers laser therapy, surgical solutions, and a great staff of people who want to help you get the natural-looking hair you deserve. Call or visit us today!

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