The 4 Ways to Replace Lost Hair

There are tons of ways to add new hair where yours has thinned or been lost, and science is bringing us exciting new methods every day.

Grow it.

This is the first option that should be considered for just about everyone faced with non-medical hair loss. After all, why would you replace hair that can just grow back? A few hair restoration methods can help stimulate hair follicles and kick-start the hair growth cycle. Even if they don't provide a complete solution, most of these growth and prevention options can be combined with other hair replacement methods to magnify your results.

  • Laser Therapy – Painless, non-invasive laser hair therapy fights pattern baldness by stimulating the body's natural hair growth process for both men and women.
  • Medical Therapy – The FDA approved drugs proven to prevent hair loss are Rogaine and Propecia. They both prevent the hormone DHT from bonding to hair follicles.
  • Nourishment Therapy – Thinning happens when hair doesn't get the nutrients it needs to grow. You can't go wrong when it comes to ensuring proper nutrition.
  • Groundbreaking Science – Brand new development in hair replacement that activates stem cells to reverse miniaturization and restart hair growth.

Transplant it.

Hair Transplant Surgery isn't right for everyone, but its totally natural-looking and lasting results definitely make it worth considering. A hair transplant just involves harvesting growing follicles from areas of the scalp unaffected by hair loss, and placing them in balding spots. The hairs keep growing in their new positions, full coverage is achieved, and the results are permanent with little or no scarring. At Mane Image we perform hair transplants on the scalp and throughout the face and body.

Integrate it.

This is where things really get interesting. Hair restoration is truly an art, and that's why you can't get great new hair at a normal salon. The stylists at Mane Image are masters of their medium who work magic with integration systems and extensions. That shouldn't scare away the men! Modern replacement materials include hand-selected strands of real human hair, as well as lightweight, hypoallergenic materials engineered to be stronger and more versatile than your natural hair. Several different attachment options mean that we can achieve exactly what you're going for – awesome style, an active lifestyle, or hair that just looks exactly like it's your own.

Cover it.

Many women come to a point when adding to their existing hair becomes too burdensome and full replacement makes more sense. If you reach that moment, it's time for you to visit our huge new wig center. Our goal is to get you a comfortable wig that you're excited to wear without making you wait. There are hundreds of wigs to touch and try on so that you know exactly what you'll be getting when you've chosen your wig. Don't worry, guys. We also make custom hair systems for men.


You can also hide it, but since that's not technically replacing hair, we're leaving that one out. If you're looking for an amazing instant solution to short-term hair loss issues, check out DermMatch cosmetic concealer. It's incredible!