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Many factors can play a role in female hair loss: genetics, hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, and even stress. Surgery isn't for everyone, so at Mane Image Hair Replacement Center we offer many non-surgical hair-restoration options, including drug therapy to block DHT, Viviscal to nourish hair, and DermMatch hair loss concealer. But if you want to do everything you can about your hair loss, it's important to consider the DIY options.


Coconut milk and oil contain potassium, iron, and essential fats that reduce hair breakage and makes hair stronger, root to tip. Massaging the scalp and affected areas can help promote growth and prevent further hair loss.


Eggs contain sulfur, which produces collagen, a productive agent in hair growth. They also contain biotin, a "hair food" that increases hair (and nail!) growth rate.


It's not just a versatile spice you can season dinner with. Massaging rosemary oil onto the scalp keeps it healthy and stimulates hair growth.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A treatment using apple cider vinegar can help with hair loss as well as scalp pH and dandruff. Mix equal parts apple cider vinegar with warm filtered water. Rinse with the mixture after shampooing. Repeat as needed.


No, not Twizzlers! Add licorice herb extract to your shampoo to prevent the kind of damage to hair follicles that can be responsible for hair loss.


Safflower oil is rich in essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, and it acts as a vasodilator, improving the scalp's blood circulation. Massage your scalp with safflower oil every day to increase blood flow and encourage hair growth.

Jojoba Oil

While Jojoba oil is found in many shampoos, it is most helpful for hair loss when applied to the scalp as an essential oil. Use a drop after shampooing for long-term effects.

Healthy Lifestyle

A good diet is important when it comes to strengthening hair and promoting hair growth. As with eggs (see above), fill out meals with vitamin-and fiber-rich foods. Also, try to stay away from products packed with dangerous chemicals.

Combining these at-home treatments with the treatments you get from Mane Image Hair Restoration Center will put more hair on your head and a smile on your face. Call us today!

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