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    Everyone's hair loss is unique and it is important that your hair treatment options and solutions are customized to address your individual situation. Whether you want to stop your hair loss, do everything you can to re-grow your hair, or if you just want more hair, with new technology and science, there are so many options now available to you. Fill out our form to get started with your free consultation.

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Video Testimonial

  • Nikki's Story

    I chose Mane Image basically because I saw an ad on a billboard and then I looked online and saw before & after photos. I have the same issue on the top of my head as I saw in the other photos and I saw the results that I could possibly achieve either non-surgically or surgically.

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Financing Options

Getting your hair back is within your budget. At Mane Image, our primary mission is to deliver the best and most comprehensive care available. An important part of that mission is making the cost as easy and manageable for our patients as possible, by offering many options for payment.