Hair Restoration Systems & Hair Loss Treatments for Women

Mane Image Hair Replacement Center offers women a complete line of hair loss treatments. Browse our permanent hair systems, surgical hair restoration options, wigs, extensions, and more.

Hair Restoration Systems & Hair Loss Treatments for Men

Mane Image Hair Replacement Center offers men a complete line of hair loss solutions. Check out our permanent men's hair systems, scalp micropigmentation treatments, surgical hair restoration options, and more.

Hair Loss Prevention & Regrowth

At Mane Image Hair Replacement Center, we have products and treatments available to help slow down or stop your hair loss, and even to regrow some of what’s been lost. Those who come to us in the earliest stages of hair loss may find that these solutions are all they require; even those who come to us for other hair replacement procedures may embrace these options for protecting their hair from future hair loss.

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss in men and women is attributed to a variety of causes. Hereditary male pattern baldness is the most common cause of male hair loss. On the other hand, female hair loss tends to have a broader range of causes. Whether you are experiencing mild thinning or balding, there is a hair replacement solution for you.


Do you have questions about hair loss or about the different options available for hair restoration? To help you get answers quickly, we’ve assembled a list of frequently asked questions.

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Everyone's hair loss is unique; it’s critical that your hair loss solution is customized to address your specific needs. Whether you want to stop your hair loss, regrow your hair, or add volume to your existing hair, we have options for you. It all starts with a free consultation.

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