What Should You Consider When Searching for a Hair Restoration Studio?

You have decided to seek hair restoration treatment, but you may not know where to start. When it comes to choosing the right hair restoration studio, do your homework. It's an important investment and you want to make the right decision. This is why we would like to share with you the most important factors you should consider when choosing a studio for your hair restoration needs.

Conduct Your Own Research on the Studio

You can find out almost anything on the internet, right? A quick search is sure to bring up clients' honest reviews of their experience with the studio. Even better, if you know someone who has used the studio, talk with them about their opinions. Reviews are a great tool for deciding whether a hair restoration studio is worth pursuing further. We invite you to check out our testimonials section to see what our awesome clients had to say!

Validate The Studio's Credentials

At Mange Image, we ensure all of our stylists hold the correct certifications that indicate they have received the proper training. You will also find that our stylists not only hold the required certifications but promote ongoing training to ensure that our stylists and staff stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. Our stylists and staff are dedicated to caring for and preserving healthy hair follicles, as well as nourishing and maintaining a healthy scalp.

Inquire as to Whether the Studio Offers a Variety of Solutions

Due to the fact that hair loss occurs for different reasons and each person is different, it means that one hair loss solution isn't going to work for everyone. At Mane Image Hair, you will find that we offer a variety of hair loss solutions including Micro Point, CRLAB, hair graft procedures, and even surgical hair transplants.

Can They Provide a Professional Portfolio?

Any reputable hair restoration studio will have a professional portfolio of before and after photographs of previous clients. Our portfolio serves two purposes. The first allows you to take a look at the quality of our work performed and get a general idea of what you can expect should you move forward with the studio. The second purpose is that our portfolio shows that we are dedicated to our clients and proud of our work.

In this digital age, portfolios are not always hard copy. Now, many studios have their portfolios online. Click here to check out our studio's before and after gallery!

Free Initial Consultation

The ability to visit the studio for a free initial consultation is extremely important. You do not want to commit to a hair restoration studio before you have had the opportunity to get a good feel for it. At Mane Image, we understand that each situation is different. This is why we offer a free consultation to every new client. During your consultation, you can expect to sit down with one of our expert stylists, who will assess your hair loss and discuss your different options, and what to expect during upcoming visits.

The consultation allows you to make sure you are comfortable with the facility and staff, as well as ask any questions concerning the process and of course financials.

The Midwest Leaders in Hair Restoration!

For over 30 years, Mane Hair Image Restoration Center has been dedicated to helping both men and women find hair loss solutions to fit their needs. When you choose our studio, you can expect professional and compassionate care both leading up to the procedure and supportive care following the completion of your hair restoration journey. Contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation!