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I’ve suffered from very slow thinning (miniaturization) of the hair for about 30 years. The last several years I’ve searched relentlessly to find anything to help slow or improve this condition. I happened on a website that mentioned Mane Image and thought it was worth a shot. I traveled about 2 ½ hours for my appointment with Leslie. Leslie is wonderful! She’s been in the business for a very long time and was very honest with me. She did some testing on my scalp to help diagnose the situation and determine next steps. Since then Leslie has suggested several treatment options, one of which was Hair Follicle Regeneration. One week after the hair follicle regeneration injections I could feel lots of new hair growth on my scalp! This was and is very exciting!

Dr. Nemeth handled the injections and has a very ‘soft’ touch. He answered my questions and made me feel at ease. I felt comfortable enough with Dr. Nemeth to have him inject my cheek area with Voluma – also with fabulous results!

Mane Image is a very unique facility, I feel lucky to have found it!


Leslie is great at what she does. Her professionalism and dedication is beyond compare and, best of all, she is a caring and kind person. I would recommend her to anyone who is experiencing hair loss of any type.


The IPL made a big difference in my face. I would definitely recommend it.

Sharon S.


I have been a client for about 20 years. Their service and the product are second to none. I know, because I have had this service all across the USA in my travels. Trust Mane Image and you won't regret it.


My wife saw an advertisement for Mane Image and I came in. Sharon was great! Don't second guess yourself. Their product is what keeps me coming back. Everyone is helpful and friendly. I am greatly satisfied.


My friend referred me. I now feel comfortable and have complete confidence.


Excellent customer service, price, location. Everyone makes you feel like family.

Michael F.

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  • Charles Wait

    It was a very comfortable atmosphere I could say. The after surgery care was, I would rate it as above average. It just makes me feel more confident […] having a full head of hair just boosts that even more. But here, it seems as though, you know, you’ll be treated like family, you feel like family when you come here and I felt real comfortable with that.

    Charles Wait
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