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Cesare Ragazzi Hair Systems Explained

There are many ways to handle thinning hair and hair loss. Hair replacement systems have significantly advanced in the past several years, and many people prefer these non-invasive, non-surgical solutions. At Mane Image Hair Restoration Center, we offer our clients several safe, effective options that can help you regain your confidence by restoring your thick, healthy-looking hair.

We are proud to offer clients the most advanced hair system available in the world, the CNC system from Cesare Ragazzi. Known throughout the industry for its hair replacement system, the Cesare Ragazzi hair replacement system is considered the best non-surgical way to enjoy authentic, natural-looking hair.

How The Cesare Ragazzi Hair System Was Developed

Developed by the Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories, the CNC Hair System by Cesare Ragazzi is an advanced non-invasive, dermatologically-tested, partial, or total hair replacement system that seamlessly restores your natural hair. The CNC is not only undetectable but enables you to return to your active lifestyle, including sports, swimming, and other activities almost immediately after your treatment.

Based in Bologna, Italy, Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories collaborated with the Dermatology Clinic and Chemistry Department of the University of Modena and Rome's La Sapienza Universities Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department to develop the Cesare Ragazzi Hair System. Years of research and development by a team of experts utilizing advanced technology led to the company's patented hair replacement system.

How the Cesare Ragazzi Hair System Works

The CNC Hair System by Cesare Ragazzi creates a seamless look that naturally thickens your hair by using an ultra-thin membrane customized to fit your scalp. 3D printing technology enables us to create a model that perfectly matches the shape and contours of your scalp, highlighting the areas where hair is needed.

The membrane is created using a unique polymer resin that provides comfort and stability. The patented membrane has robust anti-bacterial properties, is breathable for comfort, and stays in place regardless of temperature, humidity, or the activities you are involved in, without the need for radical surgical procedures.

With the thin, light, breathable membrane created, high-quality natural human hair with similar characteristics as your natural hair is sewn in by hand. The technique enables us to precisely distribute hair where it is needed while ensuring it matches the movement and direction of your natural hair growth.

The CNC Hair System by Cesare Ragazzi gives you hair that perfectly matches your natural hair color, thickness, and texture. These results are accomplished through the meticulous work of skilled craftsmen, who create your custom hair replacement system by hand, using the highest quality hair and materials available.

Contact The Experts at Mane Image

At Mane Image, we are dedicated to restoring your hair and confidence with proven treatments and systems. While there is no single best solution for thinning hair and hair loss, the CNC Hair System by Cesare Ragazzi is ideal for men and women with partial or complete hair loss.

Custom crafted using advanced 3D printing technology to perfectly match the contours of your scalp, the CNC Hair System by Cesare Ragazzi looks, feels, and acts like your natural hair. The breathable FDA approved ultra-thin membrane is so natural looking that it is undetectable, and because you can still enjoy your active lifestyle worry-free, you may even forget it's there.

We are proud to offer a safe, effective, and totally non-invasive, non-surgical hair replacement option that is life-like, natural-looking, and comfortable. With the CNC Hair System by Cesare Ragazzi, you can look and feel like yourself again. To learn more about the Cesare Ragazzi and how we can help you restore your hair, contact us today and schedule your FREE initial consultation.

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