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Different Types of Wigs

At Mane Image, we are committed to helping women find the right hair replacement solution, and sometimes wigs are the perfect choice. We know wigs, and we are experts in finding the ideal wig and perfect fit, customized for you and your lifestyle. A custom wig can be a wonderful solution, particularly for those facing hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia universalis, or alopecia totalis. Wigs have been a simple solution and elegant choice for women for centuries, our wigs are the finest in the world. Today, let’s learn about the different types of wigs.

Types of Wigs

You probably already know, there are custom wigs as well as ready-made wigs. Ready-made wigs are essentially stock items, one size fits most, often synthetic and pre-styled. These wigs are the least expensive and look less natural than a custom wig. On the other hand, custom wigs are made specifically for you, as the client. The materials are higher quality and, as a result, they are more comfortable. Tailored for you, they are detailed to ensure spot-on blending at the hairline and a natural look. They are often made of human hair and extremely natural in appearance.

Wigs come in a variety of types including polyurethane, mesh, and combination.

Polyurethane wigs (also called ‘poly’) are pigmented and thin, designed to match skin tone and blend naturally. This type of wig and its thin-skin material uses tape and adhesive to extend the life of the wig. Because the material isn’t breathable, poly wigs are not as comfortable or natural looking.

Mesh Wigs include full lace (glass silk, swiss lace, and 100 percent hand-tied) and monofilament units (single, double, and 100 percent hand-tied. Mesh wigs are breathable, taking on the skin tone of the wearer’s scalp, and offering the appearance of your natural hair. They are comfortable, even for sensitive scalps, and versatile with the ability to be styled in a variety of ways.

Combination Wigs blend a hand-tied top with a machine created back and sides. It is more cost-effective than a mesh wig, while providing some of a mesh unit’s benefits. The hand-tied top helps maintain the appearance of a natural hairline.

Wig Selection at Mane Image

As the provider of comprehensive hair loss solutions, we strive to deliver the highest quality in beautiful wigs as well as the largest selection, including accessories. Our studio gives you the options you want, in a private setting, with a caring staff who will work with you one on one. At Mane Image, the process of wig selection and fitting begins with a FREE confidential evaluation. Our staff takes the time to get to know you, discuss the hair loss issues you are facing, and ensure a wig is the ideal solution for you. Next, we will discuss your needs and desires, so that your custom wig is comfortable, breathable, lightweight, and completely natural.

At your custom fitting, the goal is to ensure your new wig is comfortable, and secure, while providing the look you desire. We help you find the color, style, and look you want, customizing your wig selection exclusively for you! We offer only the finest wigs in the world. In addition to your custom fitting and styling, we will provide all the assistance you need with wig maintenance. At Mane Image, your satisfaction is our only priority, and every service and product is backed by our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

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When you are ready to consider your custom wig from Mane Image, our friendly, professional staff is ready to help with our expertise in wigs and other hair restoration solutions. Contact us today and request a FREE consultation.

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