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Mane Image's Response to COVID-19

Dear guests of Mane Image,

Mane Image Hair is back in business full time Tuesday-Friday 8am-7pm & Saturdays 8am-2pm.

We would like to welcome Kristie to Mane Image Hair. She is our new office manager. She will be your initial point of contact when arriving at Mane Image. Please help us make her feel right at home.

What You Can Expect From Us:

  • Face masks worn by associates
  • Frequent hand washing & sanitizing
  • Cleaned & sanitized rooms before & after each client
  • Cleaned and sanitized capes, towels & tools for every client
  • No appointments squeezed in for sanitation reasons
  • No double booked appointments to prevent spreading virus

What We Ask Of You:

  • Wear a face mask or purchase one from us
  • Schedule your appointments in advance
  • Call upon arrival as our doors will remain locked
  • Stay home if not feeling well
  • Please cancel 24-48 hours in advance
  • Please be nice, patient & understanding

Due to the high demand, we will no longer have squeeze-in appointments, so it is recommended to pre-book your appointments as they are hard to come by. Click here to schedule your appointment now.

In our continued effort to make you feel comfortable, we will be offering FREE virtual consultations!
In person consultations will require a nonrefundable $50 deposit which will be applied toward a solution purchase the day of your visit. 24-hour notice will be required to reschedule for free. Only one adult may accompany a prospective client during their consultation, but then will be asked to leave if service is provided.

Below are the rules we have implemented for your safety and our safety. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  1. Doors will be locked to control client traffic. When you arrive in our parking lot, call to notify us.
  2. Clients must wear face covering and hand covering to be allowed in Mane Image. If client does not have access to face masks, we will have them for purchase.
  3. Clients temperature will be taken at door with a no touch forehead reader.
  4. No one other than client will be allowed to enter Mane Image. All others should remain in their vehicle.
  5. No personal items to be brought in that would need to be set down such as coats, hats, purses, tablets, laptops, books, bags, drinks, etc. What you bring must remain on you at all times.
  6. Wear clothing that can get dirty. We intend to use disposable capes (these don’t completely cover your clothing) and disposable towels.
  7. During the shampoo process you must leave face covering on. We will untie or move the back off of your hair. You must hold tightly over your mouth and nose please.
  8. We have removed all high-touch items such as magazines, drinks and snacks.
  9. You must bring your own brush to avoid cross contamination of person to person. If you forget you will be charged for the purchase of a new one.

You will be required to stay in your individual style room at all times. We will walk you in and out when no other client is within your personal 6-10-foot distance. Please respect the safe distance rules. No hugging, hand shaking, etc. This is a tough time for all of us. Please be patient and understanding of our new circumstances. We will do everything we can to help you, but know we are taking this very seriously. 

Leslie Robinson, Owner of Mane Image

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Video Testimonial

  • Charles Wait

    It was a very comfortable atmosphere I could say. The after surgery care was, I would rate it as above average. It just makes me feel more confident […] having a full head of hair just boosts that even more. But here, it seems as though, you know, you’ll be treated like family, you feel like family when you come here and I felt real comfortable with that.

    Charles Wait
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