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Postpartum Hair Loss--Therapies Designed For You

Pregnancy has a lot of side effects that you're happy to see go away--for one thing, you can see your feet again. On the other hand, all that luxurious "pregnancy hair" goes away as the hormones subside--usually in what look like terrifyingly large clumps. It's like you hardly ever have time to shower, and when you do, your hair all falls out.

Pregnancy unleashes hormones that increase blood flow--this includes your scalp. Also, your hormones are so busy growing a baby that they're ignoring their usual jobs--like reminding your hair that it's supposed to fall out on a routine basis. Most women lose about 100 hairs a day, but when you're pregnant, all that hair stays on your head. As the hormones subside postpartum and things go back to normal (a few weeks to several months), all that accumulated hair starts to fall out, leaving many women worried that it's a chronic condition. Not to worry--it is usually temporary.

Tips For Managing The Shedding Stage

For some women, postpartum hair loss is more extensive than simply shedding a year's worth of hair in a few weeks, and they have real concerns that their hair is thinning so much that they have less hair than they did pregnancy. Here are some ways to alleviate excessive hair loss.

  • Keep taking maternity vitamins--they are full of the proteins and minerals you need to grow thick, healthy hair
  • Avoid overstyling--save the curlers, flat irons, and dryers until your hair has returned to its prenatal thickness
  • Avoid chemical processing--perms, straightening, coloring--until shedding stops
  • Don't shampoo every day (like you have that luxury!), and use a conditioner and wide-tooth comb to prevent tangling
  • Don't pull your hair back in a tight ponytail, and use hair ties to pull it back gently

Therapies To Boost New Hair Growth

If at-home remedies don't seem to slow your shedding, there's no reason for you to worry. Mane Image Hair Restoration Center has the solutions to combat your postpartum hair loss.Every woman's personal hair restoration goals are different, and our goals are to offer you the best therapies to regain your prenatal hair. For some women, traditional topical solutions are enough to stimulate your hair follicles; for others, topical treatment combined with laser therapy is the optimal way to reach your goals.

Mane Image's Main Focus Is You

One of our core values at Mane Image is to empower our clients--help you feel great about yourself. Postpartum women in particular struggle with body image and self-confidence; getting back into those skinny jeans and cute tops is a lot harder than we thought it would be. You shouldn't have to worry about losing your hair along with the baby weight, so call us for a free consultation to determine the best treatment for your postpartum hair.

Mane Image is a family-owned company--in business since 1987--and presently run by the founder's daughter, Leslie Robinson. We are the only hair restoration studio in the Northwest Indiana area to offer this scope of hair restoration treatments. We pride ourselves on our compassionate and effective approaches to managing postpartum hair loss, and while all of our staff may not be moms, they are highly trained in the latest hair restoration techniques, experienced, and ready to assist you in your journey back to thick, luxurious hair.

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