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The Risk of Buying Wigs Online

A wig can be a great choice for women experiencing hair loss. For certain causes of hair loss, you may find that hair replacement on the scalp does not suit your needs, or you may simply want something less complicated to work with. A custom, fitted wig is an excellent way to replace your hair if you do not feel like a hair restoration system fits your situation. Wigs can serve as a great option for women who are experiencing hair loss.

However, if you feel especially self-conscious about your hair loss, you may consider trying to go for a cheaper alternative and purchasing your wig online. But an online wig purchase comes with significant risks, and you should know these risks before you go ahead and hit "order".

Wigs That Don't Fit

Everyone has a different head shape. While it is possible to measure your scalp and look for a wig that fits those measurements, when the wig arrives in the mail you may find that it keeps slipping off, or it sits in an odd position, or even that you can barely fit it on your head! Returning the wig for a refund can be difficult as well, and by the time you're done, you'll be back at square one. In contrast, our clinic will allow you to be fitted by a professional, so you can be sure your wig will fit properly throughout the day.

Beyond a physical fit, you also need to consider if the color and style look right on you. A color that looks good in an online photo may be entirely incompatible in real life. After all, you'll be wearing your wig in a variety of lightings and contexts. Seeing your wig in real life will let you make sure you like the way it looks on you.

Poor Quality

Online sellers frequently get away with selling low quality merchandise. Sellers may put up misleading photos by manipulating lighting and camera angle, or they might even use a fake photo! Even reviews might not be entirely accurate. You, the buyer, will only find this out when you see the wig for yourself. You may find out that the wig cap is an uncomfortable material, that the hair looks completely unnatural, or that the wig is impossible to style. The important thing to know is: you don't have to settle for a low quality wig. Our clinic will allow you to see the wigs in person, and know what you're getting before you buy.

Hair Type

At Mane Image, we are proud to provide our clients with the finest wigs available. Human hair can stand up to a lot of the methods typically used for styling hair. If you purchase a wig online, you may not know what you're getting in terms of hair. It could be an animal hair wig, or you may be getting a synthetic wig. You may find yourself damaging your wig when heat styling it, and wonder what you did wrong. At our clinic, we can tell you how to take care of your wig, and provide you with all the help you need with wig maintenance.

Customer Service

An online seller may not be responsive to your questions. If you have questions about wig care or styling, you may find yourself speaking to an uninvested phone operator, or even completely unable to speak to the seller. Our focus is on hair replacement, so our staff is knowledgeable and ready to give you all the information you need.

Are you looking for a place to buy a wig? At Mane Image Hair Restoration Center offer high-quality wigs along with many other hair replacement solutions. Contact us today if you would like a free consultation. We're excited to help you get your confidence back.

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