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How Laser Hair Therapy Helps Restore Your Hair

Hair loss can have a huge impact on the quality of your life. It shakes your self-confidence, which in turn causes you to be more self-conscious, which makes it harder for you to enjoy life. It's not unusual to find yourself constantly worrying about your thinning hair and wondering if anyone else has noticed.

If you're struggling with thinning hair, take comfort in the knowledge that Mane Image offers fantastic non-surgical hair loss treatments in the form of laser hair therapy.

What is Laser Hair Therapy?

Laser hair therapy involves converting Low-level laser light into ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) to ADP (Adenosine Diphosphate.) The conversion process triggers a metabolic change in your scalp and hair, results in an energy release. The circulation in your scalp increase, allowing the cells in both your hair follicles and scalp to get the nutrients they've been craving. In many cases, the improved circulation is all it takes to trigger hair growth. It has been our experience that that laser hair therapy is especially effective when it's paired with one of our topical hair loss treatment programs.

How Long Before You See Results

While laser hair therapy does help thicken your hair, you need to be patient. This isn't an overnight cure. In most cases, people who use laser hair therapy report that it takes months before they really notice the results. Because laser hair therapy is a slower hair restoration option, it's natural to find yourself wondering whether it's really working. There are to things you can do to help assuage your concerns.

The first is taking close-up photos of your hair, paying particular attention to the areas with the most thinning. After a few months of weekly treatments, do another photo shoot. You should see results in the photos, even if you haven't been able to identify them in the mirror.

Laser Hair Therapy Options

Different hair loss centers have different types of laser hair therapy. At Mane Image, we're proud to offer our clients the most innovative and effective forms of laser hair therapy.

Laser Hair Therapy Laser Cap

One of our favorite forms of laser hair therapy is the laser cap. We like it because it's a treatment that you can take home with you and use at your leisure. You can tuck the cap under a hat and use it whenever you like. Men and women alike have been happy with the results. We're also happy to talk about additional types of hair loss therapy that can be combined with the laser cap.


Theradome is another laser hair therapy caps our clients are welcome to use. This is another cap that you can take home and use when it's convenient, or if you want to relax and let someone else worry about your hair, one of our laser hair therapy technicians will apply Theradome.

Theradome is very comfortable and has helped many of our client's restore their hair.

Are You a Good Candidate for Laser Hair Therapy

In our experience, the best candidates for laser hair therapy are individuals who are just starting to notice that their hair is thinning. If you've been experiencing hair loss for a significant period of time and have noticeable bald patches, you should explore other hair loss remedies offered by Mane Image.

Contact Mane Image today and learn if laser hair therapy is the best way to resolve your thinning hair. We invite you to take advantage of our a free consultation with one of our hair loss specialists during which they'll discuss the reason for your hair loss, provide you with information about our hair loss therapy treatments and hair extensions, and help you decide if laser hair therapy is the right hair loss remedy for you!

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