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5 Reasons to Get Hair Extensions

Have you been on the fence about whether you should go to Mane Image and get hair extensions? Here are five reasons why you should take the plunge.

They Allow You to Safely Add Some Color to Your Life

Highlights, frosted tips, and streaks of color are popular hair-styles, but coloring your hair in order to achieve the trendy looks can do a great deal of damage to your natural locks. High-quality hair extensions provide you with up to four months of colorful joy before you'll have to return to Mane Image for replacements. Each time you get your hair extensions redone, it's an opportunity to add a different color to your hair.

Hair Extensions Eliminate the Frustration Out of Growing Your Hair Out

Growing your hair out for a special occasion is a frustrating process. Hair grows slowly. Getting hair extensions is the best way to ensure that you have the long, stunningly beautiful locks you crave. Many people love getting hair extensions for special events such as proms, weddings, big dates, and photo shoots.

Hair Extensions Provide You With an Opportunity to Decide if You Like Long Hair

If you've been trying to decide if you want to grow your hair out, but aren't sure you'll like the look, hair extensions provide the perfect solution. Once the extensions are in place, you have a few months to play around with how to style and care for the long hair. If you like the extensions, you can start working on growing your hair out. If you don't, you can have the hair extensions removed and go back to living a short-hair lifestyle.

Hair Extensions are the Perfect Answer to a Hideous Haircut

Everyone has a story about a time when they got a truly hideous haircut. Extensions are the fastest way to resolve the problem. You can wear the extensions until your natural hair grows out enough for a new stylist to restyle your natural look. The extensions work better than a hat to disguise the horrible haircut.

Hair Extension Make You Feel Good

Hair extensions can accomplish two things. First, they make your hair appear longer, making them a great choice when you want to try out a different hair style, have a special event that you think requires longer hair, or are trying to grow out a bad hair cut. Second, they add substantial volume and thickness which is ideal for individuals who struggle with thinning hair.

Whether you want to give your mood a boost, lengthen your locks, or add volume to your hair, hair extensions are a relatively easy and low-cost way of doing so. Once the Mane Image stylist has added the extensions, you'll notice that you can't stop smiling and checking yourself out in the mirror. The improvement in your mood, rubs off on everyone around you until everyone feels good and the world seems like a better place.

Contact Mane Image About Our High-Quality Hair Extensions

At Mane Image, we refuse to use any hair extension on our clients that we wouldn't also attach to ourselves. You'll only find the highest quality and most trustworthy hair extensions at Mane Image. In addition to adding the extensions to your natural hair, our expert stylist will happily answer any questions you have about:

  • How safe the hair extensions are and whether they'll damage your natural hair
  • The best way to care for the hair extensions
  • Which type of hair extensions best suits your individual needs

Each of the hair extensions used at Mane Image is made of 100% natural human hair and are custom designed to perfectly suit you. In addition to setting you up with the hair extensions and hair topper you crave, we will also provide you with the styling needed to achieve the perfect look. Our stylist handles everything from adding more volume to your current hair, adjusting the length, coloring your new extensions, to trimming the extensions so they suit your face.

Contact us to set up a hair extension appointment. We provide all of our customers with a free consultation, during which time we answer any questions you have about our fabulous hair extensions. We can't wait to provide you with the hair extensions you've always dreamed of having.

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