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Five Signs it Might be Time to Get Help with Your Hair Loss

While it's common to expect some signs of hair loss in men as they grow older, most people don't stop to consider whether the same holds true for women as they age. In fact, many of us completely disregard the possibility of women experiencing signs of hair loss or baldness altogether, especially when it comes to our own hair. Even tell-tale signs of brittleness or weakening, thinner hair are often overlooked, despite their prominent warnings that something may not be quite right or of a bigger issue lurking.

Though losing your hair can be an emotional experience for anyone, it doesn't have to be. With new innovations and technologies getting better and more effective every day, experiencing hair loss or even baldness hardly comes with the same stigma it once carried. At Mane Image, what we tell our clients is simple- know the signs, know the preventions, and always remember there's a myriad of hair restoration solutions available for all types and degrees of hair loss, no matter what the age, gender or circumstances. Hair loss not only doesn't have to be permanent, hair restoration solutions can be both easy and effective.

So, here are five signs it might be time to get help with your hair loss:

  1. Increased brittleness or breakage after washing or brushing hair, or a lackluster look and feel, or dullness, loss of normal healthy shine and fullness, or natural bounce. These signs can all be attributed to something as simple as dietary changes or a lack of exercise, or they could be early warning signs of a more serious condition that may lead to more pronounced permanent damage or hair loss over time.
  2. Losing hair in clumps or seeing noticeable patches of thinning or baldness that seem to increase or remain constant over long periods of time, or slowed or stalled regrowth or recovery following Alopecia Areata or an episode of Trichotillomania that extends beyond one year. These could be signs that permanent hair loss has occurred.
  3. Changes in the health and frequency of hair regrowth, especially when it coincides with other hormonal changes such as going through menopause, pregnancy, developing PCOS, thyroid conditions, DHT hormonal fluctuations, (the primary cause of androgenetic alopecia, or hereditary baldness in men), or any issue that affects the endocrine system.
  4. Changes in the health or quality of hair and hair regrowth in conjunction with prolonged or increased intake of certain medications or medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation, or cancer, or ongoing scalp conditions such as chronic rashes or skin irritations that cause excessive itching and/or lead to increased hair loss.
  5. Hair loss or thinning that coincides with a Hereditary predisposition for male pattern baldness or hair loss, especially that occurs at a specific or the same period of time or life.

If these or other signs or symptoms persist, it's probably an indication of something occurring that needs attention. It may be necessary to undergo a thorough health examination with your doctor or health care provider to determine any underlying causes, or rule out any health factors contributing to or causing hair loss and/or require treatment. A professional consultation with an experienced hair restoration technician at Mane Image may prove an important first step as well, helping to identify any underlying issues or causes that may be contributing to hair loss and to help you determine the best course of treatment.

Mane Image Hair restoration professionals walk you through all the options available before providing you with a comprehensive plan of action for hair loss treatment. Whether a simple regimen of topical supplements, a hair laser treatment or other restorative treatment measures offered through Mane Image Hair. Depending on the type of hair loss your experiencing, our skilled hair restoration experts will help you determine the best course of treatment with proven outcomes to meet and resolve your specific needs.

For more information about the different solutions available at Mane Image Hair or to set up a FREE confidential consultation with one of our hair restoration experts, please contact us today!

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