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The Seven Best Types of Hair Loss Supplements, and How They Can Help You

Evaluating hair loss supplements can be difficult. Fortunately, we've got a list of the seven best types of hair loss supplements, and how they can help you. All seven products are recommended and used by our hair restoration experts at Mane Image Hair.

Topical supplements help with hair loss in a variety of ways. They can be an effective preventative measure against hair loss, a hair thickening and strengthening agent, or as a method of promoting better hair regrowth. Nearly all topical hair restoration products can be used both as a supplement to other hair loss treatment methods, as well as a stand-alone or preventive measure against hair loss, in certain types or stages of hair loss.

Using topical hair thickening and regrowth products can prove an effective and easy method for preventing hair loss and improving hair regrowth in the early stages of hair loss, and are especially effective when used in conjunction with laser hair regrowth treatments or other hair restoration procedures performed at Mane Image hair. For men and women who've already undergone laser hair treatment or have had other hair restoration procedures performed in the past, using the right topical thickening and regrowth supplement product can significantly enhance their overall results.

There are various types of topical products on the market today that can be used for supplemental hair restoration or as a stand-alone treatment, but Mane Image Hair provides clients with only the best options among these topical products with proven results meeting your particular hair restoration needs. Here is a breakdown of the seven best topical solutions for supplemental hair loss treatment recommended and provided by Mane Image Hair.

Mane Image Hair's Supplemental Products & How They Can Help You:

  1.  Finasteride: Prescription Finasteride is an FDA-approved medication most frequently recommended for hereditary hair loss in both men and women, including in cases of female baldness. Finasteride inhibits DHT conversion, the hormone that slows hair regrowth, shrink follicles and eventually cease hair regrowth altogether. Used as a supplement in conjunction with laser hair regrowth treatments, Finasteride can slow permanent hair loss and improve the overall effects from laser hair treatment solutions.
  2. Prescription 82M: A strong topical that has shown excellent results in preventing hair loss, prescription 82M includes Minoxidil and other ingredients known to improve natural hair regrowth. Used best as a preventative measure in early stages of hair loss, it can also be used to slow male pattern baldness and as a supplement to other hair restoration treatments.
  3. Micro Scalp Pigmentation: Adding natural pigments to the scalp to replicate, rather than regrow natural hair, Micro Scalp pigmentation makes your hair appear thicker and fuller. It can also be used to mask bald patches and thinning areas, especially in cases of permanent hair loss. This supplemental treatment can be a great choice for masking permanent hair loss caused by Alopecia Areata or trichotillomania, or with other treatments for conditions that cause permanent hair follicle damage and other issues affecting the endocrine system.
  4. Viviscal Pro Oral Supplement: This oral supplement is filled with essential vitamins and nutrients, including Biotin and Vitamin-C that are known not only to promote healthy hair growth, but to prevent or stop hair loss in an easy, natural way. Great as a supplement for improving hair regrowth, as a stand-alone preventative product, or as a hair thickening and strengthening agent.
  5. Havogen 5 Patches Transdermal Supplement: A natural plant-based compound that supplies large doses of needed nutrients to help restore balanced moisture in the body, keeping hair healthy and preventing hair loss. Worn behind the ear for up to twelve hours, the clear Havogen 5 patch sends a steady stream of B-vitamins and other nutrients needed for promoting healthy hair growth. Used as a preventative measure, or to speed up the recovery process from conditions like alopecia, and as a supplemental treatment for hereditary baldness, and any condition that causes hair thinning and/or weakness.
  6. Minoxidil Topical Vasodilator: Minoxidil has long been used as a topical treatment for hair loss. The vasodilator properties in Minoxidil work to widen blood vessels, promoting fuller, easier blood flow, especially in follicles where hair growth has slowed or stopped altogether. This is a highly effective topical supplement to use for improving hair regrowth and is especially effective at enhancing laser hair treatments and other restorative procedures as a result of a multitude of hair loss conditions.
  7. Topical Camouflage Derma Match/Viviscal Fibers: These topical treatments are probably the least invasive products, acting as a cosmetic shading solution that lets you conceal areas of hair loss areas by providing a camouflage that matches the surrounding hair. Great for minimal, or patchy hair loss, it works well in conjunction with other hair restoration solutions.

To get started, please contact us to schedule a free evaluation with one of our hair restoration experts at Mane Image Hair. They will guide you through the process to help you determine the best solutions for your hair loss needs.

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