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Could Your Shampoo and Conditioner be Contributing to Hair Loss?

While hair loss is a common problem, many people assume it's genetic or hereditary, and don't realize that the products they use on their hair could be contributing to this issue. If you're concerned about hair loss, read on to learn about how shampoo and conditioner can affect your hair's growth, and what products you should avoid.

How Do Hair Care Products Affect Hair Growth?

Shampoos, conditioners and other hair products are often advertised as being healthy for your hair. But often times, these products contain substances that can actually be harmful. Hair damage, scalp irritation, and even hair loss can result from the use of shampoos and conditioners with certain ingredients. Always read the ingredients before you buy a hair care product, and be on the lookout for these culprits:

• Sulfates - sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) is usually the culprit, but any ingredient with "sulfate" or "sulfide" in its name could be harmful. These ingredients make your shampoo foam up when you rub it in, but it can also cause irritation to your skin and eyes. It can also strip the natural oils from your hair, and over time, will break down proteins essential for healthy hair growth.
• Formaldehyde and parabens - these ingredients are typically added to shampoos and conditioners to extend the shelf life of the products. Like sulfates, these ingredients can strip the hair of oils, and certain parabens can actually affect hormonal balance and encourage hair loss.
• Sodium Chloride - also known as table salt. This is added to hair products to thicken them, but it can make your scalp dry and itchy.
• Alcohol and irritants - most hair care products contain alcohol, but some contain it in concentrations can be harmful to your scalp. Other irritants like diethanolamine (DEA) and triethanolamine (TEA) can strip keratin and dry out your scalp and hair, making hairs brittle, dry, and damaged.

The harsh chemicals in shampoo can also clog your hair shaft and can even eventually kill the hair follicle. But the good news is that more and more people are recognizing these harmful ingredients, which means manufacturers are changing their products.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Hair?

Your scalp and hair, like any other part of your body, needs to occasionally be cleaned of dirt and oil. But before you buy any shampoo or conditioner, read the ingredients list! Keep the above ingredients in mind, and avoid them whenever possible. Many hair care companies are introducing products that have fewer harsh chemicals, but just because a product is labeled "natural" doesn't necessarily mean it's good!

While it would probably be difficult to find a shampoo that cuts out every harmful ingredient, the most important thing you can do is try to cut back. The lower an ingredient is listed in the ingredients list, the less of it there is in the product. If any shampoo or conditioner is irritating or seems to be damaging your hair, switch to a new one, and keep experimenting until you find the best product for your scalp.

Hair loss happens to both women and men for a variety of reasons. If you notice that your hair has begun to thin, hair restoration may be the right choice for you. Mane Image offers a variety of solutions when it comes to hair restoration. From cosmetic to surgical and non-surgical options, Mane Image has a solution that will work for your hair. Hair loss doesn't have to be an unavoidable part of life, and you don't have to just learn to live with it. Contact us today for more information on how to restore your hair.

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