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The Warning Signs of Hair Loss

Balding and thin patches are the result of long-term hair loss. The sooner you recognize potential problems, the more likely it is you can save your hair. If you are experiencing any of these signs, it might be time to talk to a professional. The treatments offered at Mane Image Hair are designed to reduce shedding, reinvigorate hair follicles, and restore your natural hairline before the loss is too advanced.

Early Signs of Hair Loss

While the causes of hair loss differ for men and women, both can experience these signs of hair loss.

• Thin patches around the temple, forehead, crown, or area of the scalp where hair is normally parted for styling.
• Smooth, hairless circles on the scalp.
• Skin lesions, eruptions, or scars.
• Excess or abnormal dandruff.
• Loss of body hair on arms, legs, and face.
• Broken or incomplete eyebrows.

In the early stages of hair loss, there may be more hair left behind in your comb or brush each morning. This can happen before you notice any thinning on your head. Some first notice excessive shedding while shampooing. They may notice areas where the hair feels finer than normal or see sizeable clumps of hair in their hands while washing.

Causes of Hair Loss for Men and Women

Androgenetic alopecia, otherwise known as male pattern baldness, accounts for the majority of hair loss for men. This genetic predisposition leads to the characteristic receding hairline and horseshoe-shaped patches on the crown of the head.

Genetic factors also impact female hair loss. Androgenetic alopecia has the same causes and effects as male pattern baldness in women. However, many female hair loss problems result from hormonal imbalances.

For both genders, illness and certain medical treatments also play a role in hair loss. Radiation and chemotherapy treatments are well-known culprits. However, a number of prescription treatments can contribute to hair loss. These include:

• Acne medications with vitamin A.
• Certain antibiotics and antifungals.
• Antidepressants.
• Hormone-based birth control.
• Drugs that lower cholesterol or suppress the immune system.
• Steroids.
• Weight loss supplements.
• Treatments for Parkinson's Disease.

If you notice hair loss signs after beginning a new therapy, talk to your local hair loss specialist. Take action quickly to reduce the chance of irreversible loss.

Ways to Treat Early Signs of Hair Loss

You are not powerless against hair loss. At Mane Image Hair, our hair loss prevention and regrowth protocols can save your follicles and give you back the hair of your youth. Some of our options include:

Low-level laser hair growth therapy stimulates follicles and encourages regrowth. This painless procedure penetrates the skin of the scalp to increase blood flow to that area. The increased circulation provides nutrients that can help wake up sluggish follicles. Choose at-home treatment devices to fit your preferences.
Trichology is the study of healthy scalps. We use trichology methods to examine, evaluate, and identify problems with the skin and scalp that may be interrupting hair regeneration. The goal of trichology is to create an ideal environment for hair to grow naturally.
Topical products help thicken and strengthen the hair shaft to resist breakage and increase retention. In combination, topical products increase the effectiveness of other treatment methods.

If the signs are caught early, we can help provide custom solutions to help with your hair loss. Mane Image Hair is the only studio in northwestern Indiana to offer these progressive treatments. Our mission is to make all of our clients feel great and look good!

Are you experiencing signs of hair loss? Take our online hair loss test. If you're ready for the next step,contact us to schedule your no-obligation evaluation and scalp analysis.

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