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How Ethnicity Affects Hair Loss

Whether you are male or female, there is a good chance you may experience hair loss at some point in your life. In fact, about 50% of women and 80% of men experience hair loss in their lifetime. At Mane Image Hair, we provide hair solutions for anyone experiencing hair loss. In this blog we want to provide you some insight on how your ethnicity could affect hair loss.

Does Ethnicity Affect Hair Loss?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Studies have shown people with different ethnic background experience slightly different patterns of baldness. You're probably aware there are different patterns of baldness, some beginning at the crown of the head, others at the hairline, and other with the classic male pattern baldness "w" shape. Many doctors, scientists, and hair loss specialists have studied these patterns over time and drawn conclusions about how ethnicity affects hair loss.

Evidence suggests Latin and Mediterranean hair loss tends to begin at the hairline and the crown of the head and meet in the middle. The Semitic (Jewish and Arabic) pattern begins at the hairline and pushes back from there. The Nordic pattern often leaves a tuft of hair at the center of the hairline while the hair loss occurs around it. Another observation suggests the closer the person's ethnic origins are to the Mediterranean Sea, the more likely they are to experience thinning at some level.

The Science of Hair Loss and Ethnicity

While these prove to be interesting observations, you might be wondering about the science behind it. Caucasians tend to experience the most hair loss while Chinese, Native Americans, and Inuits have the least amount of hair loss—buy why?

Many people now believe one of the main causes of hair loss is skull expansion. Since the shape of the skull is a genetic factor that differs between ethnicities, it makes sense that different ethnicities experience different levels of hair loss. Consider the Inuit—their facial structures include a broad forehead which supports a strong hairline.

Especially for tribes like the Inuit or other groups that are somewhat insulated, the genes that carry the facial and skull structure remain within the group, keeping the balding trait to a minimum.

If you look at South and Central America and other regions where there are a number of races making up one culture, you'll see different levels of hair loss depending on each individual's ethnic background. For example, those living in South America with more Spanish background than indigenous background will be more likely to experience hair loss.


Whether your ethnicity is a contributing factor to your hair loss or not, Mane Image Hair can help. We offer a wide variety of solutions for both men and women. We offer surgical solutions as well as non-surgical solutions like CNC hair prosthesis involving 3D printing. Some people seek non-surgical options like wearing a wig while others may be ready to get a hair transplant.

For some, results come with something as simple as treated shampoos and conditioners, while others use some of our more advanced methods to achieve the head of hair they desire. We will help you figure out which of the many hair solutions is right for your hair loss and help you move forward.

No matter which solution is right for you, we would love to be a part of your journey toward more confidence through a healthier head of hair. And just because your ethnicity suggests you may a propensity towards hair loss does not mean you have to live with it. Please contact us at Mane Image Hair today for more information.

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