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Avoid Damage from Your Heat Appliances

Many women cause accidental damage to their hair, opting for daily hair care rituals that actually do more harm than good. The best example of this? The use of heat appliances. 

Surveys reveal that an overwhelming majority of women use appliances like blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons, as well as other heat-based hair care tools. While it is certainly possible to use these items in a way that’s safe and healthy, it’s also quite possible to use them in ways that damages your hair through over-exposure to heat.

How to Avoid Heat Damage

In this post, we’re going to offer some basic tips and strategies for women who love their heat appliances. Here’s how you can make sure you’re using them safely.

1. Make sure you have healthy hair. Yes, this sounds obvious—but what we mean is, hair that’s already dry or brittle is going to buckle under too much heat. We encourage you to visit Mane Image for a consultation, and ensure your hair is in good shape before you go back to your heat appliances.

2. Note that not all women have the same tolerance for heat appliances. Coarse, thick, and straight hair tends to hold up to heat the best; on the flipside, those with small curls will want to be especially careful about using heat on their hair.

3. Invest in heat appliances that actually tell you how hot they get. For women with strong and healthy hair, we recommend keeping them set to 400 degrees at the very most. Women whose hair has a lower heat tolerance will want to stay in the low to mid 200s, most likely.

4. Also make sure your heat appliances have cold shot buttons—and use them liberally to keep from overheating!

5. Don’t use heat appliances without first applying a heat-resistant serum or spray. At Mane Image, we will be happy to recommend some good ones for you.

6. Try not to have too much up-close-and-personal contact with heat; hold your blow dryer six to 10 inches away. For irons, decrease the tension as you move out to the end of your hair, which is where it’s most vulnerable to heat.

7. Always make sure your hair is clean before you use heat products; heating up dirty or greasy hair will only compound the potential issues.

8. If at all possible, use heat appliances less often. For instance, on days when you have the time, dab your hair dry with a clean cloth, then allow it to air dry rather than immediately resorting to the blow dryer.

Protect Your Hair from Getting Dried Out

Too much heat can leave your hair parched and weak—but this is something you can avoid by being careful in your use of heat appliances. Follow these tips to use your heat appliances properly—and if you fear that your hair has already been dealt some damage, visit us at Mane Image for a consultation with one of our stylists.

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