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Why Women Lose Hair After Pregnancy

It is not uncommon for pregnancy to be accompanied by rapid hair growth. A thicker, fuller head of hair is not so bad, as far as side effects go, and most moms-to-be don’t have many complaints about it. There’s another side of the coin, though: Sometimes, following childbirth, a new mom might experience somewhat significant hair loss. 

This is called postpartum hair loss, and the good news is that it’s really nothing to worry about. Still, it might be helpful to know what causes it, and exactly what your expectations should be with regard to post-baby shedding.

Postpartum Hair Loss at a Glance

Postpartum hair loss tends to last for three to six months after pregnancy, though its onset may be delayed if the new mom is nursing her baby. It’s characterized simply by sudden, significant hair loss—in fact, it can often cause hair to come out in clumps, something that can be a little disheartening for new moms, even though it’s really fairly normal and harmless.

But why is it harmless? Why shouldn’t moms be more worried about it? The answer hinges on an understanding of how the typical hair growing cycle is impacted by pregnancy.

The Cause of Postpartum Hair Loss

Here’s what happens. Normally, you shed hair every single day—on average, 100 of them! That’s all natural and normal. The body needs to shed those hairs to make room for new ones to grow. Well, when you become pregnant, pregnancy hormones cause you to stop shedding—hence your hair seeming so thick and so long all of a sudden.

After the baby is born, your hormones will begin to balance back out. (All good things must come to an end, after all.) As your hormones level out, all that hair that hasn’t been able to fall loose will start to shed all at once. It may seem like you are going bald, but you’re not; things are just leveling out, returning to a normal rate of hair growth. It’s nothing at all to be alarmed about.

Keeping Your Head and Hair Healthy

You should find that all that shedding stops by the time you reach the one-year point in your baby’s life. If it doesn’t, ask your physician about it—but really, you should be fine.

In the meantime, there are a few steps you can take to maintain healthy hair and scalp following the birth of your little one:

- Eat a balanced, nutritious diet for healthy hair.
- Keep taking your prenatal vitamin.
- Use all-natural hair products, nothing with a bunch of chemicals.
- Try not to shampoo any more than necessary.
- Avoid blow dryers, hot irons, and other devices that ravage your hair.

Finally, if you ever do experience significant hair loss for any reason, and are concerned about it, you can always contact Mane Image. We can provide a full evaluation—and point you toward a good solution. Don’t hesitate to visit Mane Image any time!

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