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Mane Image Hair at NICK Foundation Fundraiser

The Mane Image staff poised for photo at the annual NICK (Northwest Indiana Cancer Kids) Foundation fund raiser ball on Saturday, February 28th. Held at the Halls of St . George in Schereville, IN, hundreds attended the event. Everyone enjoyed dinner, dancing, and a silent auction which helped to raise money for research of childhood cancers.

Leslie Robinson, Owner of Mane Image, states "It was a fun evening and we are proud to be a sponsor of the NICK Foundation". Mane Image has been actively involved with NICK Foundation over the past year. With the launch of a new Mane Image hair care product line, a portion of the proceeds will go to the NICK Foundation to help aide local families of kids with cancer. There are so many bills that do not get covered by medical insurance such as loss of work, hotel stays, travel and accommodations. The NICK Foundation uses the monies they raise to help fill the gaps for local Northwest Indiana families.

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