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At Mane Image we strive to be the best in servicing hair systems for our clients who are suffering through hair loss. Our Hair Loss Technicians make sure that each and every client that walks out the door has a new perspective on how they look. We make our clients aware that just because they may have hair thinning issues does not mean they should walk away feeling any less of a star. The Mane Image staff provides complete privacy and all of our clients are treated with the utmost respect and care. After just having one service our clients walk away with their hair feeling stronger, thicker, and of course more stylish!

Here at Mane Image we offer an innovative 5 step treatment called Beautiful hair. This process has been specially formulated by an independent company for exclusive use by Mane Image and our clients who wear hair systems. The steps we provide for the system dramatically restores the hair by working together to infuse the proteins back into the cortex of each and every strand. Each of these steps contains UV protection so the hair fading due to sunrays is at at a minimum and they are highly concentrated so a little goes a long way! Step One is a Moisturizing and Detangling Shampoo that unlocks all the knots and barriers so that the cuticle of hair is able to seal in moisture. Step Two is a Protein Treatment that contains amino acids to help build back up the 19 amino acid building blocks in the hair. Step Three is applied directly on top of Step Two to increase penetration of the amino acids. Once steps one through three are applied the system is then ready for Step Four which is a Leave- In- Protein Treatment that helps the hair loosen any tangles. Lastly, Step Five is a Conditioning spray that is applied before heat styling the hair to maintain a good moisture level in the system. This 5 Step Treatment will increase the durability of the system by twice the amount than any over the counter shampoo and conditioner would. These steps bond together to Moisturize, Detangle, and Build Protein all to restore the hair back to its full potential strength.

All of our Clients at Mane Image love the results from this easy innovative 5 Step Treatment because it makes their life at home so much easier once they leave the salon. Our clients used to say that it was a struggle for them to get the hair to feel the same way once they went home and washed their hair system themselves but ever since the 5 step system our client reviews have increased due to the effects this treatment has on the hair! Any client who is dealing with a tangled, fading, dry/ breakage, and a thinning hair system would be a great candidate for this life changing treatment!

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