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When society thinks about hair loss, they tend to think about men losing their hair. But women can experience hair loss, too. It's normal and natural for women to feel self-conscious about thinning hair. Fortunately, there are plenty of treatment options available for women. One goal is to reestablish natural hair growth.

The causes of female hair loss can vary quite significantly. These can include:

• Lupus—a chronic autoimmune disease
• Iron deficiency
• Seborrheic dermatitis
• Folliculitis decalvins (requires antibiotics)
• Alopecia
• Tricotillamania (hair pulling)
• Polycystic ovarian syndrome (which affects approximately 5 million women in the United States)
• Telogen Effluvium (which can occur after childbirth or during periods of extreme stress or if you're taking antidepressants)
• Hereditary factors
• Hypothyroidism which can affect women over 50

For women who are experiencing hair loss, the first step can be a visit to a physician for a full check up that includes extensive blood work. You can choose to visit a physician who specializes in hair loss. After an accurate diagnosis, you can understand what's causing the hair loss then take appropriate next steps.

Today, there are numerous ways to treat female hair loss successfully.

These can include:

Hair transplant surgery.
Eyelash and eyebrow transplantation.
Hair integration systems.
Laser light therapy using Low Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT).
Topical products.
Drug therapy—usually using an FDA-approved hair loss medication for women: Rogaine.

All of the above treatments are available at Mane Image. Contact us here for additional information.
With advances in technology and new treatments now available, there are plenty of options available for women who want to regrow hair.

When you have additional questions about the options available for women, speak with the experts at Mane Image. The process starts with a complimentary scalp analysis

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