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The first step on the road to a full and thick head of hair is the initial consultation with a hair transplant surgeon or hair replacement specialist. Many consultants, physicians, and specialists will provide a complimentary initial consultation.

Many patients want to know what's going to happen during this initial consultation.

The consultation will begin with a complete assessment of the root cause of the hair loss. The most common causes of hair loss range from genetics to Telogen Effluvium and from seborrheic dermatitis to hormonal factors. The assessment will lead to an accurate diagnosis. Once you have your diagnosis, you can decide on the next steps...including hair restoration. Hundreds of medical conditions can cause hair loss in women and men.

How much should you pay for a "Free" consultation? This may seem like a trick question but the free consultation should be just that—free. Unfortunately and surprisingly, some clinics will say they provide a consultation at no charge but still present a bill at the end of the session. Make sure "free" means you won't be charged a penny.

After the complete diagnosis, you'll be given a full explanation of all the options available. Medical technology has meant that hair replacement options have changed...and improved. During the initial consultation, you will discover more about laser therapy, topical solutions, hair integration, low level laser light therapy (LLLT), the Laser Comb and Laser Cap, drug therapy, and, of course, hair transplant surgery.

You'll want to see "before and after" case studies with actual patients the clinic has treated. You should have the option of speaking directly with a addition to the nurse or associate who may be conducting the initial consultation.

Ask about costs and financing options; you'll be surprised to discover that treating hair loss can be remarkably affordable. You can get a full and complete explanation of the investment—and ask for a written quote. You may have health insurance and FSA options. Bring a list of questions to the consultation and expect clear and straightforward answers.

A "free initial consultation" is valuable and it provides a chance to gain important information about your options and next steps.

Schedule a complimentary scalp analysis with the experts at Mane Image. 

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